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Looks good indeed!  And seems like it will sound pretty good too. - the game website has a great classical sound track.  More and more games are doing this it seems...Bioshock's use of solo violin enchanced the enviroment very nicely.

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I would like to buy L.A Noire tomorrow and any help will be hugely appreciated.

I have Googled and look up system specs on a couple of websites but haven?t found a satisfactory answer.


Here are my specs;

Windows 7 64 bit

6gigs of ram

GeForece GT 520M (1Gig)

I5-2410m 2.30 (2 cores)

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Thanks for that.  I wonder why the demo vid. and this strange kill two rats game? no, I can't call it a game are so at odds...

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Yeah, I don?t know what it means either, Googled it and came up with ?give away of the day??

Love the setting too and the characters reminds me of Vampire: The Masquerade ? Bloodlines.