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    @EducatingU_PCMR: Maybe you should develop a brain first.

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    You are really scum
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    new blog is up!
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    @xhawk27 said: @Douevenlift_bro said: @clyde46 said: FACT ^Only in the deluded minds of Sony fanboys is this fact! seen MANY streams of Kinect on the Xbone not working or responding correctly. Why...

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    I said they don't stay passed out, and afterwards we have sex. I'm a gentlemen. That is by law consensual. If you were wrong, she wouldn't come back the next day (just as sober/awake) and ask for more...

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    My handle is whiskeystrike if anyone wants to add

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    @seanmcloughlin said: @psymon100 said: There is nothing wrong with the image.Just the abilities of some posters to use a computer.ThisIt's why they feel the need to cry over pc gaming, because they ...

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