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Titanfall should have been a true Xbox One exclusive, not fake "Microsoft exclusive".

It should also have been out at launch.

Also, the Xbox One should not exist.

Sadly, that's 3 for 3. Instant disaster.

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@kingtito: Distributors get both numbers; but the companies only use the one that's more beneficial to them. If they want to show how popular something is, they use the sold number; but if they want to make it seem popular, they use the shipped number.

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What I'd like is a controller mod for Kotor. The game is terrible with the dated PC interface they used back then; it broke the playability of the game.

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So sad, I go through whole days and never once get a moment to see whats been going on on SW.

That's ok, you only miss a post or two.

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Ha! Remember when people thought Facebook buying Oculus was the worst? Crazy times.

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@Willy105: usually on my phone (HTC one) since the Comcast people blow and are taking their sweet time setting up the internet at my apartment.

Then you can use Skype on your phone.

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Does anyone know what the requirements are for the second take revews have? Because Aron Waters didn't finish FF: LR and gave it a 4

You have to work on Gamespot, and be able to write sentences.

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@Heil68: I don't have wireless around my apartment for my vita and dont have a Ipad lol.

But then what are you using now?

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@Heil68 said:

@Ballroompirate said:

@Heil68: which was their best feature of the old site plus the user blogs that got featured on the front page was interesting as well. Also they canned it years ago but those play with gs staff and gs member nights were amazing as well.

The old GS was all about it's user base which was why people preferred GS over the other sites. Now they're just a crappy site with joke reviewers and journalists who are not even classified as amateurs when they're seriously the last game site to post news and updates.

You should come on tonight's podcast and tell us all how it is. :P

I would but I have no computer atm, still need to get a new one.

Unless you are typing this from your 3DS browser; I'm pretty sure you can still do it.

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A game can't be delayed if we never knew it's release date.