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@polishkid99: this is what I see happening as well, or at least what should happen. I expect to see backlash from those used to the 'high end graphics' of traditional game consoles though.

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I really like the GDC coverage page. It's easier to parse than the home page.

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This is an official update? I thought it was the site's CSS glitching out.

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[QUOTE="Nengo_Flow"]America is not a country.lostrib

stop it with this crap

But it isn't. In North America alone, there are three countries. That's not counting the ones in Central America and South America.
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I first heard about GUFU from people's sigs on System Wars. They were everywhere, I clocked on some and it led to this union. I wasn't really interested in joining, but I know that it was hugeDarkspineslayer interviewed Game on SWM one time, but I still wasn't very interested.

People from GUFU (can't remember who specifically) kept asking me to join, sending me PM's and invites; but I wasn't really interested. I didn't hit accept until years after, and by then the union had already dwindled into what it is now.  

You know, I think by now GUFU is not going to get any smaller; the ones that are left are too close to each other to leave.  

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Anyone invited to the beta are strictly forbidden to speak of what they see outside of it.F22_King_Raptor
We aren't forbidden. But they asked nicely.
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I've already written why, but yes, unions should not only stay but also be fixed.

Unions and UCBs were the birthplace of various strong communities, and albeit they were held back by the poor system in place, removing unions altogether will do a lot to keep new communities from being born.

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The Presitige in Space
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Heh, I actually enjoyed it. Maybe because I set the bar low and wanted it to be slightly better than Superman Returns. :PIbacai


I also set Superman Returns as the bar, but it ended up being way too high a bar; I hated Man of Steel. So loud, stupid, uncompelling, and outright boring. 

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The GUfather is great! Vito Corleone ought to be proud.MoldOnHold

Only a little.