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I have two


The first is Turok: Rage Wars, because of the crippling bug that didn't let you advance past the third stage in two-player mode. I would have put Duke Nukem Forever here, but that's an obvious choice and I felt like being unique. But yes, DK:F was horrid, indeed!


My second choice is Counter-Strike: GO. Not because the game is bad, it looks decent. That's the problem! Every time I try and play a game, my "team" votes me off. Immediately. I get to look, but not touch, so to speak. I have played a total of 15 minutes in the 4 months I've owned it on PS3. I bought it because I wanted a new take on competetive FPS multiplayer, but I guess I'll never get a chance. I thought the CoD crowd was aggravating, at least they don't (or can't) kick you off a match.

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You guys realize he is entitled to his opinion, correct?


I own it and love it, but let's not assume he's a troll or say he's objectively wrong. I know he was asking for a multi-page flame-fest by using that thread title, but let's all be adults here. We can answer each others posts reasonably I believe.

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TheDarklingLord has the right idea, he's got some ambitous ideas while still keeping it fun. This needs to be Dead Island 2, or whatever they call the sequel.

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Dead Island was realistic enough for me. Fatigue, drama, deteriorating weapons... your idea of a sleeping mechanic sounds boring, honestly. You have to keep it fun and engaging, too much realism and you might as well LARP.

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The Chrono series, as in Trigger and Cross. Castlevania are close too, along with Mario related games. Can't forget Mega Man, too!

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I have very fond memories of the SNES.

If you are looking for RPG's three of my favourite on the system are Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG and Secret of Mana.Sparky04

Yes, this, everyone should play those three at least once in their life. Also, as he stated later, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy VI. The SNES was a breeding ground for (IMO) the besr RPGs of all time. I never played it, but apparently Earthbound was fantastic, too. So many great games.

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I've played the game on all three consoles, it's not THAT BAD. Seriously, if all you have is a Wii, and you want a FPS, stop complaining that it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, and be thankful there is even a good online FPS game for the system. Hell, multiple games even, it's not like CoD is the only choice you have. Goldeneye has gotten so many positive reviews, I'm actually trying to decide between it, CoD on the PS3 and waiting 3-4 months for Duke Nuke'm, lol. So many games on so many great systems, yet so many threads about how terrible the games/systems are this generation... think positive for once, be happy with what you have, it's a great time to be a gamer.
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Quest 64 and South Park, both for the N64. Quest 64 was just a bad, broken, boring game, while SP was a mediocre FPS that had more fog than any other N64 FPS, even rivaling Turok. And the framerate... ugh.
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Ninja Gaiden will have to step up, seeing as (as far as I can tell) both Devil May Cry and God of War series are finished with, and those were IMO the top dogs in the action genre. As someone mentioned earlier, we need better than the current glut of (admittedly, well playing and fun) GoW/DMC clones like Bayonetta, Darksiders and Dante's Inferno. Give me innovation, not just slightly better graphics and a hero/heroinne with slightly less clothing on. To reiterate, it's not a dire situation yet, those games I mentioned are still fun, but not as memorable to me as DMC/GoW/Ninja Gaiden.
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This is a tragic event to happen, but to blame it on a videogame in order to escape putting it on the real blame on terrorists who committed the horrific deed is just beyond idiocy and stupidity. What a shame!

Yes, indeed. There is always, always a scapegoat. Whether it's movies, music, videogames, comics, toys, books, or the counter-culture of the time, nothing is off limits. "But you honor, the Devil/Duke Nukem/Metallica/Batman made me do it!"
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