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Agree. Fortunately got this second-hand. Stupid "golden guns". Stupid "clues". Annoying shaky cam. Simply BAD bullet time. Bad movement. Need aiming dot BEFORE coming out of cover! Irritating flashy cinematics. Film noir setting - gone ! Nonexistent graphic novel ! Thx rockstar, this is pretty much what I expected. Though its almost acceptable as a general shooter, this ruins completely the Max Payne continuation. Only thing that remains is the personality of Max, and that too only because player remembers I and II. Dropped is the humor, stupid thugs and the ridiculous Lords and Ladies show. Dialogue is stereotypical, tone is same but lines bad and unoriginal. Even the discs and dvd cover look like copies of GTA games. Too much cutscenes - general gameplay broken. And hardly chance to collect ammo after firefight - no, sometimes you are ripped of those little you have after short, boring film, and have to handle the baddies with a pistol, again. Apparently this is designed for multiplay, which originally Max Payne -series WAS NOT. So, for Max we get a pathetic alcoholic, and for multiplayer we get a deathmatch that is pretty much similar crap as in every other shooter out there. No thanks. I am TRYING to play this through, just once. ONCE. But I may have to drop it, as it is boring as hell. Which Max Payne story did not use to be. Thread starter said it all perfectly right.