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  • TheWriter30 wrote a review of Metro: Last Light.
    User Rating 9
    Just buy this game and enjoy....that's what's all about isn't it?

    I am not famous or anything close to it but some people have given me thumbs up in the past which tells me am not alone when analysing and liking games.User reviews always confuse me; they are so emot...

  • TheWriter30 wrote a review of FIFA 14 (Ultimate Edition).
    User Rating 6
    Que cagada

    Main problem Multiplay is NON EXISTENT!!!!CO-OP IS NOT EXISTENT!!!terrible, you cannot play with a friend against the CPU (then what is the point of FIFA?|?|? playing alone like an idiot?Ok, you may ...

  • TheWriter30 rated FIFA 14 a score of 6.