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I usually carry around my PSP in my back pocket. When I sit on something hard, like a bus or train seat, nothing happens to the screen. What just mindfarked me earlier today, is that a Cushioned Movie Theater chair can crack the screen.


Maybe you need to lose some weight :P

I weigh a wopping 148 Lbs. I'm waaaay too fat.

BTW Got the screen repaired today. Now I'll be able to play Peace Walker.

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Dude, you're talking about the people that made GoTY '04 Knights of the Old Republic. If anything, it'll be better than everyone's anticipations.

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That still feel like playing Halo 2 online?

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I enjoy destroying friends that visit me in Rainbow Six, and Call of Duty. I want it to stay that way. No Co-op, no $ from me. Sorry.

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Blademaster and Throwing Knife, or Martyr and Al-Asad.

Nothing beats Joint Ops and the Marajauna Leaf, though.

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So you broke the screen?

I usually carry mine in my backpack full of those heavy books they torture us highschool kids with.

What Highschool have you been going to? Degrassi? The most i've had to carry so far is a 100 Pocket Aviation Guide to parts and mechanical know-how.
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I'm not minding that it actually broke. I know a guy that can fix the screen. What got me to post this was the fact that the screen broke while I was sitting on a cushioned chair.

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Absolutely loathe that kid.


Nickelback isn't that bad...

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[QUOTE="Japanese_Jade"][QUOTE="drStickman"]If you agree to terms and conditions though corporations will usually act on that without any warning. It's not just Microsoft, ever tried contacting a bank over something like a refund? "Sorry sir, it's in your terms and conditions, we are well within our rights, blah blah blah." Sucks that you don't have access, but rules is rules I guess.Jaysonguy

Rules are rules, that is true. And I did agree to them. I respect XBL for wanting to keep its community "friendly and rated G" but there needs to be a proper set of punishments regarding violations. ex. Harassment = 7 day ban, offensive motto = warning/clear motto, 2nd offensive motto = 24 hour ban/clear motto, etc. You can't relinquish someone of their services especially when their paying for them and never commit violations overtime because of something as small as cursing. I've had XBL for four years and never had this problem. Thats just a horrible excuse to steal your money and rip you off.Its like a teacher beating a kid to the ground with a ruler for rolling his/her eyes. Its just not equal punishment.

No, you got off easy

You knew the rules and yet you did it, there's no mistake that you "maybe weren't sure" of the rules

You went out of your way to disrespect every single person on the service just because you wanted to

Enough with the "they're stealing my money" no, you failed to show anyone on the service any respect and now you're getting punished for it.

If you can get suspended for having a Movie Quote in your Bio, then I request that all of the Potty-mouthed kids on Xbox Live be BANNED. I fail to see how he showed nobody respect for have a Movie Quote in his Bio. Sounds like you just want to be an @$# and beat back everyone's view on this subject. Btw, I got locked of Xbox for 2 days for having a Full Metal Jacket Quote a month back.
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It's funny that some of these posts are just saying that Treyarch copied what IW had done, and that the Story was garbage.

1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? Plus, Treyarch added the "Brutality of War". A first for any Call of Duty.

2. If sneaking through a ruined Stalingrad, nearly getting burned to death, and making one of the most dramatic escapes I have ever seen in CoD, is garbage to you, you really need to re-evaluate your priorities as a gamer.

Oh, and a 4 Player Co-op, and 4 Player Zombies mode will always top the Stale, feels-like-a-last-second-addition taste that is 2 Player Spec Ops.

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