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>pulled out a gun at an outdoor concert during a confrontation, "accidently" shot it and killed a 6 year old boy

>gang raped a woman and was sentenced to four years (released on 1.4 million bail after two years)

>shot two off duty police officers but was let off because the cops were in possession of stolen guns

>beat the shit out of a movie director for firing him from a set

>beat the shit out of someone at a university with a baseball bat for complaining that he threw a microphone

>beat the living shit out of someone the night he was shot (probably the reason he died)

>associated with suge knight, who is probably responsible for a shit load of murders himself

Why don't more people care about all the awful shit 2pac did in his life? People think he was some misunderstood, complex, sensitive guy because of "Keep Ya Head Up," but he was a violent thug and a rapist. Hell, he even says in interviews that he only write songs the "bitches want." He's not even that good of a rapper, yet this piece of shit gets movies made about him and statues erected.

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I think the rise of Reddit kind of killed Gamespot. Originally, a lot off the gaming community who wasn't into 4chan's sadistic sense of humor came to Gamespot or Gamefaqs but now that since the popularity of Reddit increased the gaming community can just go there without having to deal with as much censorship and unfair moderators.

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@judaspete: Yeah, Psybient is a pretty cool genre.

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Here are some of my favorite Electronic Music Acts:

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9/10, that was pretty awes-mazing

7/10. Good pop song that reminds me of my vice-city days.
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"Lost in the darkness, I came from the light". Are they even trying? I couldn't think of a more cliched phrase if someone told me to.
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I think this thread would be more relevant in the year 1998.