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Allow me to rant for a short while!

Today I got home super excited to get the new Mario Kart 8 DLC and purchase the upcoming packs only to discover that Nintendo has yet to implement the E-Shop over here in Brazil. I was sure they had gotten around to doing it since the last time I had checked.

That basically means I am unable to get the Mercedes-Benz assets and I cannot acquire the DLC packs.

Thanks, Nintendo!

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Without both Lucas and the Ice Climbers count me among those who hope this is fake. =P

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That's excellent news.

I love the fact Nintendo seems to be leaning towards delivering DLC content for most of their major games. My wallet won't like it, but I sure will love the fact that some Nintendo gems will have their lives extended with added content as time goes by.

Mario Golf: World Tour implemented DLC wonderfully, and Mario Kart 8 is bound to do the same.

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I would probably go with Wind Waker.

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Like other users said, there is not enough demand for the company to put that much effort into it.

However, if they made those games available digitally... there would be tons of money to harvest.

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I don't really have a great eye to perceive tiny details when it comes to images, but those hunters strike me as poorly edited into the picture.

Anyway, I am ready to once again spend another 100+ hours of my life with a Monster Hunter game.

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@JordanElek You are right about the strategy, though.

There is a ridiculous depth to it, but it is all hidden down in the code until fans figure it out and spread it across the internet.

I wonder if it is a measure taken to "dumb" things down in order to keep them accessible to youngster. Still, I am sure there is a better option than simply not explaining all the nuances inside the game itself.

At least Pokemon X/Y took a steps forward by making the whole EV and IV mechanics more blatant.

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Games I love: Megaman. I've played through all of the NES ones (except 7 because it's not on VC yet) and loved every minute of it. Now I'm playing 9 and it's actually the best one since either 2 or 3. The difficulty is spot on, the music is fantastic, the addition of minibosses and screws (lifted from 8) is great.... Megaman is awesome.

Games I hate: Pokemon. I decided to pick X back up as my 3DS game, and I realized why I stopped playing. Everything is so obtuse and inefficient. You're supposed to use strategy but the information you need for strategy isn't located in the game, and if it is, you can't access it when you need it. It's a pain to play, and I don't like it.

But I'll still try to work my way through until I can't stand it any more.

You are spot on about Mega Man 9. It is the best one since the classics 2 and 3.

Too bad about Pokemon, though. I thought X/Y was a great generations of games.

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I was replaying Skyward Sword a few months ago and, from what I could tell, I noticed two things:

1. Playing Wii games on the Wii makes them look slightly better than they are on the WiiU

2. Component cables is the way to go!

Of course all of that may vary according to one's perception and to the TV, but that's my take on the subject.

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I haven't played Yoshi's New Island either. However, I can attest that Kirby Triple Deluxe is a fantastic game.

There is no other 3DS game that uses the 3-D visuals as well as it does. The levels are very creative and there is a ton to collect. Besides, there is also Kirby Fighters, which is incredibly addictive.