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This is the keyboard I have now. Is it "mechanical?"

Should I be upgrading this if I want twitchy reflexes for FPS online gaming? I've owned by Logitech K120 for a while now. Nowadays, you can get it for $15.49 at Amazon, so I'm concerned it's outdated. Is it?

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The "chkdsk /R" will take about an hour or more.

Another test I just thought of is why don't you install Hearthstone on the C: Drive and see if it does the same thing?

I did the chkdsk on the drive, but it reported no bad sectors and didn't fix anything that I can tell.

I've now installed Hearthstone to the C: and sure enough it loads great, so yea the E: drive is definitely the culprit. Well, I guess that settles it then. I recently acquired an SSD hard drive which I'll be replacing the E: drive with. My biggest concern was isolating which hard drive was the culprit, so I feel better now knowing what to remove. Thanks, Felipe.

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1) If the game is on the E: Drive, then it will load mostly from that drive. Do other games also have a slower than normal loading times? and the HDD works too much on other games as well?

2) You could first try a "chkdsk /R" on the E: Drive to fix bad sectors, but to be safe I would buy a new drive.

1.) I believe it's only on Hearthstone, although I have noticed when I try to run League of Legends, the network login will timeout the first time and I have to keep logging in until the game lets me on. It's been like this for weeks. I think maybe the client is mistaking my long HDD load time as a network error, so it's timing me out and saying I can't connect to the server.

2.) I will try this now and report back.

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You shouldn't have to play Hearthstone to know my issue. I'm just using it as an example. I have two drives:

C: My operating system and misc files.

E: All my games.

I have Hearthstone installed to the E drive. When I launch the game, it's fine, until I load my decks or start a match. It then takes 3+ mins to load. I can hear one of my drives working insanely hard. This seems odd to me, considering Hearthstone is not technically demanding. Both of my drives have plenty of HD space (both ~100 GB free out of ~590 GB total). Once this 3+ minute load phase is complete, I never have to worry, until I quit Hearthstone and re-launch it.


Two questions:

1.) Which drive is the culprit, do you think? The E drive storing the games, or is the game somehow passing commands through my C drive?

2.) How do I fix it, if I can? Should I replace the HDD? Reformat? I already tried reinstalling and defrag, which did nothing.

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I have a typical 3.5" spin drive. Unfortunately, all the internal SSD drives I'm seeing online are sized 2.5", so they may be too small to fit. The one I'm thinking of purchasing is this Samsung one:

My tower case is a Cooler Master with rails to keep my current older drives secure. The rails look like this:

^ Can I fit an SSD into one of these rails in place of an old drive? What's the trick or what do I need to get myself started on internal SSD drives, if anything?

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Yup, buying it.

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Same here. Originally, I thought it was an incompatible font issue, because I'm a graphic designer and have a ton of fonts installed, but if they're symbols/images, then that's unlikely. I too use Firefox.

Will bookmark this page for updates.

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I know this game takes place several years after the last game, but do you think it'd be alright to jump into this one?

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I've got a better deal for you: Gamefly. The first month is completely free. Then at that point I would recommend paying the $15.95 for the next month, then cancel before the month expires. At that point, Gamefly has you in their system as a customer and will routinely give you discount emails. My first email from them wanted me to return as a customer, giving me another free month (no joke). I then cancelled again. They then gave me another email for 2 months of Gamefly for about $7.95. That is an insane deal considering Redbox is $2/day. Do the math.

Yes, there is a downside: Waiting for games to arrive to the Gamefly distribution center, then waiting for them to deliver your next game, so there is roughly 8 days of waiting between game rentals. However, it's still cost efficient over Redbox. There was also one time a game was purportedly lost. I told this to Gamefly and they didn't ask me to pay for the game and instead of waiting for the game to arrive, they immediately shipped the next game I wanted, so good deal. Btw, two months later, the game finally got to them in the mail, lol.

The other big problem with Redbox is they carry a limited game selection and only A+ titles (Madden, GTA V, Assassin's Creed, etc.). If you want a more niche title, you're screwed. Gamefly has a much bigger selection.

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Also, repeating random events is nothing new, as Red Dead Redemption did this. I'd come across a woman being chased by wolves several times in that game.