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I hear yeah bro. And when I mean I hear ya, I hear "Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool when your part of a team," then lonely island comes in

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One of my friends thought it would be fun to try one of those impromptu races and it was motorcycle(the most exspensive one) VS his Gauntlet. Once we started I went zooming past him, and when I looked back, realizing he had stopped and started up his extremely fast Gauntlet right for me. He somehow popped my tires and I could barely move, then I got hit so hard he wasted me and he won the race. Then I destroyed his gauntlet with a nice satchel charge.

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I'd probably check online first. Maybe play around with the ATMs

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Ever since I beat the game I can't perform them at all. Am I the only one? It was so weird because I'd walk up behind a sniper, and the button would not show up, then I'd press it, and still nothing. (I still took him down with the sliced up cape and a nice beatdown) I'd even go up to other different enemies and it wouldn't work!

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Practice, bro. I had to race those things multiple times to do it quickly and get the gold brick or character. You just need patience. I would just fly around the world to get used to the whole mechanic.

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I recently bought METAL GEAR SOLID: THE TWIN SNAKES.  Great game, beat it, and I feel deeply accomplished even though it was on Very Easy.  Plan on beating it on the other modes.  Any tips? Or Tricks?
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Tetris 3ds, Punch Out!! featuring Mr. Dream 3ds, Mario Kart 64 Wii, Snowpack Park Wii.  Those are the games.  Might redeem punch out.
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I've got to check club nintendo now.  I love getting rewards for gaming.  Some merchandise isn't that great, I wish they would come out with cooler stuff like a Link action figure they came out with.
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Mario is a great and adaptable character.  He should switch to a massive land, complete free roam.  Instead of having a hub, his world would be your oyster.  I don't know what land Nintendo or you and I could make up, but I think it would be awesome.  I wonder how he collect stars? Maybe go on missions to help people or friends?  I don't know.  
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