Trying to Agree on Something

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Today I write to myself (and others?) about how a group of people cannot agree on anything. For my chemistry lab, or CHEM 111, we were each able to pick out our partners before the professor would select for us. I picked the one who should not be named. OWSNBN was a male who I barely knew, we only shared one class together from the last semester. He's the same age as me, but his advisor set him back a couple of maths and sciences (which in my personal opinion is 1. A way to get money sucked from OWSNBN's wallet, and 2. shows how smart the young man is). I mean this guy is the same Chem Lab as me! It's ridiculous and his personality reflects that. I care about him I do, but he's one of those guys who isn't really a true friend.

On the same note, we developed an agreement on who would alternate on the lab write-ups, the unfun part of any chemistry lab. In total, we only have to write like six of these for the whole semester and we're on the second topic. I wrote up the first lab about titration, and practically did all the math. He comes in the day before its due, and says "Yeah, I got those numbers too." Typical, sooo gosh darn typical. OWSNBN now asks me today in MATH 97 (a study group AKA get homework done class) "Do you want to meet up and finish the lab?" I respond "No because I have to pick up my sister's at [insert school here] and go straight home." I promised I would help him to reinforce his answers he got through text messaging. I'm even in the process of checking the math right now, but he is supposed to be formally writing it up on the word document.

This type of dependence is one I hate. I never trusted the guy in the first place, mainly because his mind is set back a year or two. You can just see that person's face not doing the thing you need to get done, and I HATE taking matters into my own hands. He's probably doing everything to avoid it, so we can fail. We had a deal. I guess you can't depend on anyone as much as you trust them. That is the lesson of today. Well time to open a can of whoop ass on OWSNBN.

The Day My Mom Forgot

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I had a very scary experience yesterday. My mother had fallen and could not get up. My one sister was home from school because my mom thought she had strep throat. My mom, calling off work, returned home after fixing a tire and grabbing some groceries. She was not in the house for 10 minutes and she had slipped on the arctic tundra outside and hit her head. She asked if the puppies needed to be taken out, and I told her I had taken them out 30 minutes before. I was in the living room trying to complete my calculus homework and I hear a faint thud. Seconds later, I hear "JOOOOSSSEEEPPHHH!"

It was at this moment many questions entered my mind. What happened? Did she fall on a dog, crippling it? Where are you at? Again, what happened? She had fallen right outside the garage and could barely get up. She hit her head so hard that she had forgotten everything she had done this morning. My mother cried like an infant that had lost its parents. Imagine forgetting everything for a day, no alcohol or drugs to help you. You just forgot everyday. Anyway, my sister and I tried to keep her as calm as possible and eventually started the car to go to the Emergency Room. As we drove, she began to remember everything so vividly and perfect.

Then she would relapse and ask them same questions over and over. What happened? My sister and I met my dad at the ER and then I had to leave for a PSU class. She got a CT scan and pain relievers from the doctor. Its a great thing I'm a calm person and an Eagle Scout. If I wasn't going to be a Computer Engineer, I'd definitely be a Doctor or someone of that nature. I can help people, you just have to talk them through their experience. Saving lives people, saving lives.

Being "Burnt Out" on a specific song

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I'm the type of listener that hears a song once and instantaneously love it, I will end up listening to it for another fifty times. Music is a major part of my life, and I don't know what I'd do without it. A couple things I want to talk about is specific moments in my life when I became "Burnt Out", and the idea of no music.

"No Interruption" by Hoodie Allen, "Paper Planes" by MIA, "I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)" by John Mayer, and "Houdini" by Foster the People are some very great, well composed songs. Hoodie Allen is a very creative hip hop/rap artist. Most of his music is free for all, so here's a link if you want to check it out: "No Interruption" is one you have to either pay for or get it some other way. MIA is a female urban rapper. She's only produced one album, and this was her only hit. She uses sound effects to get her point across. John Mayer is a one of my favorite artists. From album to album, his lifestyle and outlook changes and so does his music. Continuum, Room for Squares, Paradise Valley, Born and Raised, Battle Studies, and Heavier Things each have a distinct sound. Continuum is probably going to be his best work, at least that's what I think. "Houdini" by Foster the People is a song that I've listened to practically everyday. Torches is my favorite album, I had to own a physical copy of it.

Imagine if music had never existed. It's very hard to, even for me. No sounds, nothing. Just your thoughts and the people around you. All you could do is talk. Just imagine how boring video games would be! Link wouldn't be playing his ocarina, Star Wars would have a lame opening, and the major company Apple wouldn't exist! I have nothing against Apple, it's just the company is based off the sales of music and apps. If you don't like music, then are you even human?

One Down, Seven to Go.

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First semester went pretty well. Spring 2014 looks intense, but I got dis. Encouragement of any kind is always helpful gamers and gamettes. I've set myself some goals for this Christmas break involving video games, last minute gift shopping, and games on my wish list. Everywhere I've worked offered me a bonus so I may be able to complete my final Gamecube collection list. I don't know why but I feel like the Gamecube still has a lot to offer me, although it came out in 2001. The only three games are: TimeSplitter's Future Perfect, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2, and Tales of Symphonia.

First off, my PS3 trophy goals. I'm a casual and intense gamer, and found out about the reputation you can build via every games' trophies. Platinum is the most worthy, marking your completion and overall faith in a fantastic game. I've selected three games from my most played and enjoyed list, Assassin's Creed 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, and I have yet to pick a third one (I'm thinking Sly 2: Band of Thieves, but also The Amazing Spider-Man). What can I tell you? I love video games practically to death. Anyway, I finally got the Platinum for Assassin's Creed 2 about two or three days ago. It feels good to have "Master Assassin" as my title for a little while. Batman Arkham Asylum is hard to jump back into from playing Origins. Enemies that would be in range of hitting you don't in Asylum. It feels weird. Spidey and Sly could be easy Platinums if I could just focus on one. I'll choose Spider-Man for now.

Last minute gifts? I found out that buying something for your parents involves some immense thought. Anyone's dad is usually an easy buy, you just by a gift card to his favorite distributor or a piece of clothing with his favorite team. Mothers are a whole other thing. You'll figure out like I did that Mom, and women for that matter, have very particular interests. Certain things about a gift you may choose could set them off and then they end up returning it for money. You have to find something they really love almost too much, like me and video games. They also usually hint at something when its not Christmas time, and eventually you forget and are scrounging for ideas. The light bulb came on about seven days before Christmas. I was searching around the virtual marketplace of Amazon and found a Tru Blood beer stein cup and Carnivale by Glenn Hough. My mom's a big HBO person so I decided. Hopefully I don't get bit in the ass.

I'm also going to buy my books for next semester with my cash stash. Speech, Physics, Calculus 2, Chemistry Lab, and "Writing on the Job." I only need to buy two really cheap books! I lucked out. Book prices depress me. I wish we could just donate our $300 books to a lending library so we could all just not pay for books and borrow them when we need them. Generation to generation would be using the particular book for years. I think I'm catching on to something here.

A Link Between My Brain and Zelda

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Thanksgiving is approaching, and I cannot stop thinking about the brand new Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds. I realize I could just go out and buy the thing right now, but my mom recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I responded slowly and surely, "You know that new Zelda game?... It has a 3DS XL version of it, and that's what I want." I feel like I trapped myself with those two sentences. I trapped myself in a time warp where I can't play this new Zelda until Christmas! I'm very grateful we came to an agreement, even though I'll be paying for half of it. It's just that wait, and I don't want to spoil the game for myself by looking up Youtube videos of the gameplay.

I'm going to diagnose myself with a mild form of video game anxiety. Does anyone else know what I'm going through here? It's like a rash that I can't itch until Christmas. I can look but I can't play. That's the kind of pickle I'm in here. So you know what I've been doing to itch that itch? I've been playing the Wind Waker for the Gamecube on Hero Mode. My main mission is to collect all the figurines in the game, which is a very tedious and frustrating thing to do because the stupid Pictobox only holds three photos! Another thing is how I have to make sure I have one photo I can take when I go into a dungeon. I also noticed when I restarted playing a week ago is that I missed some of the major big boss fights! So while all the Nintendo Wii U people are enjoying there high definition version and how they can take twelve photos, I've recessed and played Wind Waker.

I noticed that my brain and Zelda is linked. I need to fill that gap of no new Zelda by playing the old Zelda's because there just so superb and deep. All the experienced that franchise offered me were: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Oracle of Ages and Seasons, Awakening, Skyward Sword (I won't be hating), Twilight Princess, and a Link To The Past; they all have memorable moments in and of themselves that you have to experience for yourself. I believe the first Zelda I played was either Ocarina of Time on "THE" Nintendo 64 or a Link To The Past for the Gameboy Advance. It started there.

The Legend of Zelda in some aspects limits itself because it is in fact a franchise. Once I saw the video and read the review from GameInformer that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds got a 10 out of 10 I could not stop thinking about it. The reviewer said, and I quote, " I thought about this for a long time, 'How this could be improved in any way?', and I just could not think of anything. It's perfect in every way, and this is how a Zelda game should be." I love the Legend of Zelda and will definitely be getting the newest installment, but not until Christmas...

The First Semester.

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Here at Penn State, I find myself noticing the doors closing on my very first semester of my college life. Commuting from home everyday, I make the most of my time even when sometimes it's taken by my stupid part-time job as a bus boy. Annnd that's why I'm going to college, so I don't have to be a bus boy the rest of my life. I think I have a total of 20.0 credits in da bag. Next semester I'm going for 15.0 more. How exciting right? My schedule is scheduled and I'm set for the future, but I have to think about my classes right now.

In my one general art class, I have to write two 5-6 page papers that are due at the end of the semester. I plan to have them done before the Thanksgiving break so this weekend I'll be working hard. So, no video games. Another thing I have to focus on is Chemistry. The professor teaches the whole class online, and I have to study the material on my own. I've had four tests so far and he drops the lowest out of the five. The sixth test cannot be dropped. My lowest grade was the one I took yesterday, I got a 60%. Listen to my mistakes: I confused myself that increasing was decreasing and vice versa. I missed at least 5 problems because of it. It was a 25 question test each multiple choice was worth 4, you do the math. I have to pass the next two. I must. It's my life mission. My only wish is for the professor to start teaching the class in person for the future.

Failure will not stop me! (*cue Queen*) Don't stop me now!

The Relationship between iOS7 and Grand Theft Auto V

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The game that changed the franchise.  Grand Theft Auto V is by far the best in series.  Many games behind GTAV were filled with more serious tones, and some people loved it and some hated it.  Rockstar and Rockstar North are great at immersing the player until he's/she's drowning in that specific character.  At least, that's how it felt for me.  To tell you the truth, if your playing a game and don't become that character and think like them, why the hell are you even playing in the first place?

Enough of that little rant, so now for the topic at hand.  For all the people with GTAV on their minds, I've been thinking why iOS7 was released about two days after GTAV's release.  It's all clear to me now.  iOS7 changed the way all the built-in apps looked, but they were all famaliar.  In GTAV, each character has a touchscreen phone that is similar to many iPhones, Androids, and even the Windows 8 phone.  In the game, the phones are called iFruit.  I think Apple changed their whole feel and appearance because of Grand Theft Auto V.  The company did not want to be associated with a very violent and merciless game so they changed the look and called it "innovation."  

Is this a smart move on Apple's part?  I can't say.  It seems like they changed for the worse, because now everyone, including my mom, are complaining because sooo many apps are updating for this new operating system.  Well Apple I know all your secret underlying truths.  Did Grand Theft Auto V change Apple?  The world may never know...

Where is Nintendo going? They Are Everywhere

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Dearest Nintendo fans, including myself, I have been a fan of Nintendo since I first picked up Donkey Kong Country.  Soon came Mario, then Zelda, Pokemon, Samus, etc.  They make very refined games, although most think they're just recycling.  Nintendo does best what they do and that is make fantastic first party games.  They need more third party exclusive support, but for that to happen they need a successful idea and game behind it.  

For the new Nintendo, the Wii U, I haven't had a chance to play yet because honestly I have no need for it.  The exclusive lineup isn't there, and I don't need to drop the money on it just yet.  Another thing, Nintendo really didn't communicate how the Wii U was different from the Wii.  Many people I've asked thought it was just another accessory and not just a whole other system.  The final thing about the Wii U is the price tag.  Nintendo and prices just haven't worked out recently have they?  The 3DS price drop and now the 2DS is Nintendo trying there hardest to make gaming more affordable.  Whether this be a mistake or a success is beyond my judgement.  

I most look forward to future games for the Wii U, this being Smash Bros.  (You may expect me to say Mario Kart too, but it just seems like they stole the idea straight from Crash Nitro Kart)  I would probably buy the Wii U just for Smash.  I need different characters, and every player equally balanced.  And for the record, Jigglypuff stay out of my way! I don't know why but I hate that little Kirby wanta-be.  And for Smash, I think what everyone liked about Melee is how basically fun it was.  It was basic yet complex.  Masahiro Sakurai has every right to tell all the players how hard his workers are.  That's all Nintendo ever was, hardworking and innovative.  Because behind what's displayed on your television or computer screen is a lot of people thoughts, ideas, and actions.  It's mindblowing.  So everytime you buy a game you really want, think that your buying a masterpiece, a once in a lifetime experience, not just a "fun little game."  

Video games are an artform, they are not simply designed.  They bring emotion just like a painting would.  Now think about it, what are video games?

Macklemore and changing the tides of the Rap and Hip Hop genre

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I became interested in two artists that first released their album October 9, 2012.  The Heist was its name.  I usually buy whole albums when they sound interesting.  I can thank the good old Preview All on iTunes for that.  Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis made a hit packed album.  I'm talking about some serious heat here.  Each song is unique, and they usually carry one coherent thought that is easily found when listening.  The mainstream hit "Thrift Shop" greatly promotes cheap buys at Goodwill, and even borrowing people's clothes.  Very creative.

This album is like a tsunami of new and improved.  I think Ben Haggerty, or Macklemore, or even Professor Macklemore, can influence and change the world.  With each song he tells a story and relates himself to it, because he goes through it like every other human being.  He has found a formula of using his voice along with others to make these songs more than special.  Man can be influenced by many things, and this man takes it all, every word, to the heart, just like we should.  But we don't.  Why is this?  

Another thing, Macklemore has been making music since 2008, scratch that, since he was born.  He has a story for everything, and honestly sounds like a fantastic guy.  Now, he has all arrows pointing at him.  The world revolves around him, around his change.  I will be buying his beginning albums,  and along with him, will stick like glue.  He's got me hooked, because of his superb musical tastes.  Language of My World is next on my list.  In the realm of music,  he's already the new king of hip hop and rap in my mind.  Nothing can compare to his unique vibe.  I just wished I lived in Seattle when he first started up as an amazing musician.  Take a listen.  Maybe you'll find something inside yourself.

The Epicness of "Just Fun" Games

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Now, everybody has that one choice right when they boot up their system, which game should I play? When faced with this questions I lot of styles, characters, and features race through the gamer's mind. If your currently working on a storyline campaign, the choice is easy, but sometimes you have to divert and just have fun. Many games like: Saints Row 3, Jak and Daxter, and even InFamous. Well, I guess any game can be fun, but I just want to talk about these three series of games. Many games have that unreal enthusiatic quality. I love them for that reason.

Enjoyment is determined by the gamer's style, so many games could fit within the realm. For Saints Row 3, I was surprised when I was driving around with a tiger in my passenger side. The developers must have been references to a movie they liked, and I enjoyed what they did for the activity. The game is ridiculously funny, and I'm still enjoying the game today. Everytime I look at the game case, I think, one of the last gems of THQ. I'm kind of looking forward to Saints Row the 4th.

As for Jak and Daxter, the trilogy evolved the gameplay with many options of transport and attack for the main character. If you haven't played the series, I highly recommend this shooter/platformer/racer/action/adventure everything game. These three games are extremely difficult at times, but you acquire quite the arsenal of abilities. The first game is more of a Mario-Banjo/Kazooie collector game. Platformers are welcome to Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy. Jak 2 is the Grand Theft Auto of the future. It's kinda like Tony Hawk's Skateboarding too. Jak 3 is a lot like a racing game with all that stuff from before added on. You upgrade your vehicle and customize it to your liking. Really fun, go buy them.

Last but not least is Infamous. I bought the collection with all the DLC, and the blue controller. The first game was very classic and awesome. A man with electricity coarsing through the veins is always a formula for success. Let alone this game was made by the people of Sly Cooper (A collection I'm looking to buy next)! Sucker Punch designs game for success, almost like they know they are original and fun. I loved inFamous, but I have a bone to pick with the second installment. The voice acting was great in both, but I want to talk about the gameplay. In the first game, you have unlimited power really, you can aim and shock all you want, and I loved that. I went onto inFamous 2, and I used up my power and Cole McGrath became as dead as a battery. I couldn't do anything. I don't like feeling vulnerable Sucker Punch! Fantastic games though.

My potential future buys are the God of War Series and Sly Cooper. I think the games would be interesting and awesome, so I'll be looking on Gamestop, Amazon, and Ebay. On a more random note, I'm also thinking about buying some graphic novels by Frank Miller, Batman: Year One, Watchmen, and The Dark Knight Returns. I'm all about Batman now because of Rocksteady and the Arkham Franchise. Have some extremely fun games? Experiences? I'm all ears.

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