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You're using a Reddit user as your source. It's not happening.


Who's using a file found in the game as his source...

Servers aren't free, GTA may have made $1 Billion so far but with the amount they're planning for GTA online, they'd be bleeding money if they didn't have some funds coming in.

Microtransactions + Free content is much better than paid DLC and no microtransactions. Use your head. 

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If I'm honest I really don't mind it, seeing as you can just rob other players :P

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Nope. Not happening.


Care to explain the files this reddit user found then? 

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Like I said about one of their earlier reviews. This person is obviously searching for cannon foder for their agenda and gamespot let's them because it does nothing but generate page hits due to the hate it causes. I remember she did a peice on The Last of Us and made a point to make every single attempt to point out how sexist it was when at the end of the day all of her points were just reaching at the shortest of straws. "Classic case of looking at something from only one angle, sure Joel is a male, white angry dude. But what about how the world effects and changes Ellie? Hell we experience an entire arc of how Ellie can take care of herself without Joel (Sans the interference of crazy people, where Joel is actually the one to get Ellie into a jam this time) But it's easy to only look at the one sided story we always get about sexism and gaming, your looking too hard for something that isn't there." It's obvious that Carolyn has a agenda and it jades her views on things becoming utterly unable to seperate themselves from their crusade and let it seep into every facet of their point of view. Carolyn spots Sexism when it isn't even there, like a preacher spouting that everything not in the holy book is evil without any real cause or justification it just is evil because it's evil. They don't look into how the roles play into a games narative, if the characters seem real and their actions seem to make sense regardless of gender bias. It's the equivalent of jumping at shadows, just baseless reactions spewing sexism when it's not even there. Sometimes a female in danger is just a "PERSON" in danger, just because it was a female doesn't mean they were trying to portray them as weak, stupid, a object, sometimes characters happen to be female, and it's even worse when you turn a blind eye to evidence on the contrary of your argument as well. But what can you do? Hate makes money, no matter how stupid it is, as long as people click that review to gamespot the higher ups couldn't be more happy to tell Carolyn to continue spewing garbage and probably encourage them to do so as often as possible even if Carolyn isn't aware of it herself. Your boss probably doesn't agree with or support your crusade on sexism in games, he does however support your click fodder.Jynxzor

I agree entirely 

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Marking a game down for NOT doing something it never claimed it would do, marking it down for staying true to it's predessors, marking it down for being a current gen game...what an absolute waste of a review site.

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lol @ everyone arguing about tech PC's had for years.....if you're gonna have a pissing match about what's better and what's the most cutting edge etc. then invest in a PC, rather than being little idiots crawling into M$ and Sonys arse everytime they make a statement, biggest bunch of losers going

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Does anyone know if there'll be a Drum & Bass radio station like MSX FM in GTA 3? Been hoping for it to return every since that game....

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what features? :?


All the TV shit and stuff 

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What are your opinions on the other side of the xbox one, the side microsoft has put all the effort into? If they had a seperate games console and multimedia device, rather than it all in one, would you consider the mul;media device at all for your TV?