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Does anyone know if there'll be a Drum & Bass radio station like MSX FM in GTA 3? Been hoping for it to return every since that game....

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After playing the beta. all I can say is they HAVEN'T changed much, but what they have changed is fantastic. Lots of little tweaks make it morer tactical and more rewarding than ever before, they've completely redone the sound and there's so much smoke and obscured vision on the battlefield that it genuinely feels like war, worthy sequel imo, just more of the same, but the same was sick.

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Looking for a good RPG, single player. Setting doesn't matter, can be sci-fi, medievel, fantasy or anything like that. Definitely needs to have a skill & loot system, where you're constantly finding new weapons, deciding what to equip and what to sell etc.

Something like diablo would be ideal (Not diablo 3 or either of the torchlights though, played diablo 3 and didnt like it, really couldn't get into torchlight for some reason)

My favourite RPG I've played was Champions: Return to Arms on the PS2, so if a game similar to that exists on PC...wel that's perfect!

1st person or 3rd person, doesn't matter, just a game where I can get into the story, sink many hours exploring a wilderness and finding loot. I don't mind how old it is, aslong as the graphics hold up well (I've become a real graphics whore since I started PC gaming :P)

Any and all suggestions welcome! I've played a fair few RPG's that have come out in the last year or so, and around 7 years ago. There's a massive gap in the middle where I rarely gamed though! 

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I'm building my rig around the 8350 in a month or so. The price is just tooo good.


Eh not really. The FX 6xxx has pretty good value for the money but not so much the 8350 (you can get the 3570K/2500K for basically the same price).

i5 2500k/3570k would be better at the moment sure, but an 8350 is future proofing. With both consoles using 8 core processors I can see alot more games being optimized for them, so I reckon that they'll outperform quads soon. Just my thoughts anyway, I'm probably very wrong :P 

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look harder, go search for how to use vids instead of tutorials. plus if you should have basic music theory by now if you want to make music. you might want to start with a 3 osscilator for the basic synth sound.


I should have basic music theory, but unfortunately I had a terrible attitude towards education & learning in general in my younger years, just turned 18 and only really matured around then. Luckily taking school & everything seriously now haha 

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When you went to youtube, did you go through the site to get to it? Because on their website, under support, they have video tutorials but the link will leave you to it's "Official Image-Line Channel" on youtube. I've never watched any of their videos on their channel so I'm not sure if they're actually tutorials or the ones where you said that "just show you how to make a particular sound, rather than why what they've done makes that sound".coolkid93

Cheers man, will check it out :)  

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[QUOTE="dramaybaz"]Here's hoping you won't be making dubstep.punkpunker

his intrest in making DnB is a hint that he will eventually make dubstep wobbs...

Don't worry, I prefer deep, heavy basslines and atmospherics to "wub wub" or some ridiculous screech, can't stand dubstep if i'm honest.

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Yo I was just wondering if anyone in OT knew of any good, comprehensive tutorials for FL Studio? Preferably something that taught you everything, not fussed about length tbh. Gonna be making Drum & Bass if that's of any use.

Basically, wanna learn how to use it, got very VERY limited, basic knowledge and was just wondering if anyone could point out some solid tutorials? Sick of youtube ones where they just show you how to make a particular sound, rather than why what they've done makes that sound, if that makes sense haha, I need to know the method aswell as the result. 

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Anybody who says Shogun 2 is worse than previous Total War titles is out of their minds.


Not at all, unit diversity is essential for me in games, and there was a massive lack of it in Shogun 2. So, IMO Shogun 2 was worse for that one reason.

Opinion is not fact. 

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Ah sweet, always though they'd be in the region of £35-£40 for a good one. Cheers man, will definitely pick one up, been wanting to OC for ages haha!