About KillzoneSnake

I started gaming in the 90's. My first true console was the SNES. At the time i wasn't too much into games... i would rather play outside than games at home. It wasn't until the PS1 that i truly started to enjoy games. Going from playing Super Mario to Metal Gear Solid was a big change... a much better change. SNES games were ok, but i much rather play PS1 games like Resident Evil 2 or Syphon Filter. During this time i also did some PC gaming on my first PC. Age of Empiers 2 was my first taste of online gaming... i was very addicted.

Gaming continued to grow on me during the PS2 era. I bought my PS2 day one. Games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Grand Theft Auto III were amazing early on the PS2's life. PS2 continued to get some nice games later on, but i also moved on to PC gaming to play FPS games and online. I played all the newest FPS games at the time, but my true love was Americas Army SF. I played AA pretty much until the next gen. PS2 i still continued to play even into next gen. PS2 still had great new games to play such as God of War II or Persona 4.

With the arrival of Xbox 360 and soon after PS3, I gave up on PC gaming. 360 had some ok games at the start, but turned out to be a failure of a console. PS3 in the other hand had a bad start and later became by far the better console. From the Uncharted series to Dead Space series, my gaming was on PS3. On PS3 i played my favorite multiplayer game ever, Killzone 2. I could never imagine playing a FPS on a console until i played KZ2. On PS3 i also played Pro Evolution Soccer games, with my favorite being PES 2013.

Now... the PS4 era has arrived. I bought my PS4 early to play Killzone Shadow Fall. I'm disappointed in KZSF, but at least its much better than COD or any new FPS. Some great Japanese games will soon release on PS4 as well as new IP's...