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  • KaptajnKnap rated Destiny a score of 6.
  • KaptajnKnap wrote a review of The Elder Scrolls Online.
    User Rating 8
    Girls, girls, BUGS!

    Bugs! And a lot of them. They're freakin annoying, but not so frequent that they ruin the game. They can ruin quests though, and that can make me ragequit from time to time and leave the game for a co...

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  • KaptajnKnap rated Call of Duty: Ghosts a score of 1.
  • KaptajnKnap wrote a review of Grand Theft Auto V.
    User Rating 8
    3 characters but not 1 to love

    I was very disappointed with how the story evolved through the game. I felt R* had put in too many somewhat meaningless side missions in the game that they forgot about making the main story as epic ...