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    User Rating 10
    Outstanding Game with addicting gameplay.

    Fallout 3 is a action-roleplaying game that was release back in 2008. I was in high school when that game came out. I never been a super gamer so I didn't get around to playing this game until recent...

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    Add me , I play almost all genre games on Xbox, from COD Ghost, GTAV, and NBA 2K14. Gametag: TrentDarko

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    So far, I am not so into Watch_Dogs. I give it a 4/10 so far. It is not so fun, The storyline isn't so fun, it looked much better ...
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    Since I never played the Uncharted series. I plan to buy 1-3 this week.
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    GS Username: Iamtrent424PSN: Iamtrent2nd PSN count: KIllDarko_ (I plan to use this account to play PS4 games and online games)

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    Finally back on here. I totally forgot I had an account. How's gaming for everyone?
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    User Rating 9
    Outstanding world to explore with great plot

    Step into the world of Los Santos and explore a world where you are free to do whatever you want like rob stores, rob banks, have sex with girls, and fly helicopters while cops chase you. The map for ...

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    @psymon100 said:new mario game looks good.still haven't played wonderful 101, or Pikmin 3. i should get on that shit.also Zombi U, need to try that again, as per a recommendation from a certain Mr @f...

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    Oh no here comes Dr. Google.

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    Traded in my GTAV for store credit. The story for it was great and the online was pretty cool but it got so boring.