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Another Click-bait post i see.

Gamespot has produced stupid shows like Feedbackula who only fuel the trolling.

A great problem that i have seen with Gamespot are some reviews that have made no sense at all

Gamespot places too much emphasis on ease to play, presentation and small length games

and disregards gameplay, games where the pacing is not good and lengthy games.

Many reviews reflect that.

Also dont put reviewers who dont like action, fast paced games to review slow paced, strategic games or the opposite.

A person who likes "Unicorns & Rainbows 4" or "Civilization 8" wont review with the same diligence "Call of Duty 9" or "Doom 5". They are just different games anyway you put it.

example given: C. Petit reviewing "Gone Home", then reviewing "Batman:Arkham Origins", then "Resident Evil 6".

All extremely different games

Metacritic's average scores or each site's scores individually on Metacritic, are vastly different than Gamespot's scores.

When a game gets many 8/10 or 6/10 reviews and you give it 4/10 you lose a lot of your credibility. It implies that someone wasnt objective about the game.

Probably because someone likes puzzle games or whatnot.

Gamespot should have someone specialized in the specific genre to review games, ex shooting genre, he should review "Call of Duty 9".

Also Gamespot should be more transparent and abandon the click-bait strategy. This can only get you so far.

Thats my take anyway, I enjoy Gamespot so i decided to add my 2 cents here.

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what about call of duty then? why was it praised by Gamespot?

same things here but judged differently

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Gamespot values originality above all else, their holy grail if you prefer. If a game doesnt match that, then its off to the garbage can with scores like 4 or 4.5. Was the game mediocre? Probably. But it was not garbage. Gamespot praised original Dead Island combat, but BURIES Riptide combat. Was that worse? or just the same (most likely). The real question here is that Gamespot judges with one blind eye. *cough*cough* Call of Duty