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Xbox One VS PS 4 Analysis Incoming (HEAVY STUFF PEOPLE!)

Its a legitimate question which Publisher (Microsft or Sony) can give more to the customers:



1) Region-lock (Removed by the community outcry)

2) Xbox One always online (Removed by the community outcry)

3) Kinnect only accepting 10 users (Removed by the community outcry)

4) Used games playability (Removed by the community outcry)

5) Indie games problems with Xbox Live (Removed by the community outcry)

6) Many countries wont receive Cloud functions when Xbox One is released, they will get it 4-6 months later (ex Poland plus many other EU countries etc)

controversy here -Poland will get it 4 months later, yet Witcher 3 will get released normally. Sorry Polish fellow Xbox One gamers, you will have to wait.

7) Many countries may never receive Cloud functions or they may get it too late.

Essentially making the Kinnect Almost dead weight.

8) Kinect Spy (not a major concern, but still, Microsoft has signed PRISM, plus legitimate concers existed from the Federal Data Protection Agency of Germany)

9) Many Gamers (especially those with PCs) wont care about XBox One secondary utilities

10) Xbox One will also be 100 $ (cause of Kinect) more expensive than its main antagonist


1) Kinnect offers so much more (Skype, TV channel interactivity, post videos on streams like Twitch, etc). It really is a work of wonder and the Playstation Eye is a pale imitatio compared to the possibilities of Kinnect.


Bonus Question - They gamers want those Xbox One utilities? They come with a great deal of burden & cost. Will it all be worth it?



As we see, PS 4 had a very strong advantage at E3, especially when Sony capitalized on the Microsoft errors with a very aggresive marketing policy.

Many people were disappointed and they bitched on Microsoft, which comes as a no surprise.

Thankfully, Microsoft made a 360 degree turn in ther policy, essentially wiping off concerns 1,2,3,4 and 5.



Still PS 4 has a lead (not a major one though) in people's choices.

Furthermore, Sony tries to expand it more with the PS4 digital library accessible on any system (mainly your friends)



The indication we get is that Sony seems more willing to give more power to the consumer. They also seem more able than microsoft, as they have given us more from the start.

One other bonus, is that the PS 4 architecture is quite easily to understand, and it will result in faster games (That is what Sony is claiming)

It maybe is that the Xbox One success or failure is tied with the Kinnect utilities.


Whichever console wins, a strong adversary is needed to keep the other on its toes.

Ultimately, the Console War can only favour Us, the Gamers.

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what about call of duty then? why was it praised by Gamespot?

same things here but judged differently

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Gamespot values originality above all else, their holy grail if you prefer. If a game doesnt match that, then its off to the garbage can with scores like 4 or 4.5. Was the game mediocre? Probably. But it was not garbage. Gamespot praised original Dead Island combat, but BURIES Riptide combat. Was that worse? or just the same (most likely). The real question here is that Gamespot judges with one blind eye. *cough*cough* Call of Duty