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    Evolve Alpha key giveway for PC (Steam)

    Please take one ONLY and mention which one you took. e.g. I took #3Good Hunting!1: ZFBRP-0KCV5-FPY852: ZFBT5-0YV42-6JRQB3: ZFBTK-7PB0X-8ARM44: ZFBWC-48ZAA-8V0VM5: V0JA2-P2QR7-ZM2566: V0JB0-HMINM-AL9QR...

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    Requirements don't mean much anymore. The listed requirements are nothing more than an exaggerated guidline that shoots for the ceiling specs rather than true specs to run the game.

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    Yeah, sometimes the comments won't load no matter how much I refresh.

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    Well, like I said, if you played one ubisoft games, you played them all really.

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    My epic review on Alien: Isolation is complete!

    I finally finished my review on Alien: Isolation. I was sucked into it the entire 25+ hours and documented my feelings on a notepad, which I used as the basis for my review. I thought this method to ...

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    User Rating 9
    Broken Age Review - Certainly not Broken!

    I always thought that I started gaming while playing the platforming genre like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog being one of my favorite series of all time. As I thought about it for a minute, I remember...

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    @vgmkyle: Dude I remember you, I used to have you on msn messenger. Hope all is good with you. Remember me? I used to make forum signature icons back in the day, remember brandyinindiana?

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    A driving game without 60fps in unthinkable to me, the fluidity and precision offered by those extra frames are so valuable in this genre. This is incredibly lame for many of us whose PCs can easily p...

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    I really don't like the way GameSpot presents the updates in my personal feed. There is surely more improvements can be done here in terms of design to separate out the updates from one another and f...

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    Really miss Fuse, there is no public post, something like 'What is everyone saying' in this new GameSpot community redesign. Nor y...
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