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  • FriendBear rated Risen 2: Dark Waters a score of 5.
  • FriendBear wrote a review of Watch Dogs.
    User Rating 7
    Watch_Dogs is pretty good, some minor issues but nothing major.

    I'm personally about 20hrs into the game now and still, finding the game fun and interesting whether I'm just walking around Chicago hacking people, checking out personal messages or spying on people....

  • FriendBear wrote a review of Defiance.
    User Rating 3
    Terrible design, clunky interface and below average shooter at best

    I tried to like Defiance, after seeing it back on Steam as Free to Play I decided to give it a fair shot. It took nearly 3 days to actually play the game after installing it though, each time trying t...

  • FriendBear wrote a review of 100% Orange Juice.
    User Rating 1
    A.I Cheats - enough said

    100% Orange Juice is a card based game, similar to Mario Party but without the battles. Its a cute anime styled game with awesome music, but unfortunately the game itself is a wreck. There have bee...

  • FriendBear rated FIFA Soccer 13 a score of 7.
  • FriendBear rated FIFA 14 a score of 4.
  • FriendBear wrote a review of Ueki no Housoku: Taosu ze Robert Juudan!!.
    User Rating 4
    Very difficult gameplay

    Based on the popular anime - The law of Ueki, this game is a 3D in/out of the screen side scrolling fighting game, similar to the super smash series. However, the game itself although looks good, it p...

  • FriendBear wrote a review of Battlefield 4.
    User Rating 7
    Good game but single player campaign is far too short

    Yes, I know 'most' people buy the BF series for the multiplayer aspects but 4 hours? And thats pushing it ~ I'm not going to even gripe about the various pathing bugs, enemy soldiers popping up out of...

  • FriendBear wrote a review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.
    User Rating 4
    Become a Legend Mode is Broken for P.E.S 2014

    Ignore all the Fifa vs P.E.S arguments, initially you had your Fifa crowd for the better simulation aspect of Football, and you had P.E.S for more arcade, pick up and play aspects of the sport which f...

  • FriendBear rated World Soccer Winning Eleven 2014 a score of 4.
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