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1 ps 4 causing problems and that is the reason to dis the product. Get real, any product has defective problems in a small sampling. Take it back and get another. If GS won't take it back, next time go to a store that has a refund or return policy.

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AC4 single player. Will never play a multiplayer game.

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speak for your self. I like gaming ....period. All the other stuff just adds cost.

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What are you talking about? I came on this site because it said PS3 owners only. What do you have to be approved for? Anyway, my question is about PS3. Mine is showing stress of giving up and I can't decide if I should purchase a new PS3 or a 4. I have all the major titles for PS3 with the guide books so am reluctant to give them up. The replay value is endless. Would PS4 be backward compatible? Any one know?:question:

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I have been following this game since the first one was released hoping for another. My concern is whether or not the game will be only for PS4 purchasers. I have all the classic games for the PS3 including game guides (not downloarded from internet) and will find it hard to give them up Will the PS4 be backward compatible?

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Get a hint book or walkthrough on the site. I have played this game twice and have had no problems. Have you activated your shout? Use the square to use a dragon soul?

No way you should be having problems.

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What's happening with gamesquality lately. They all need patches. Last year there were very few game patches now it seems every game has one. Does PS3 not have enough memory for them. Is this because of PS4 about to be released?
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Red Dead Redemption



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I think we won't see Spinter Cell on PS3 mainly because the other console has the rights if the press releases I read a while back were accurate.

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