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I just find it funny that some people have given me bad reps just because I do better than them in a game. I don't even bother messing with other people's rep unless it's a friend and I want to prefer him. Rep is worthless.MyndFlyte

I couldn't agree more. I've had 5 stars and lost it FIVE times within three months. The Xbox live rep system is ridiculously a piece of u know what, considering the fact that 3/4 of the people I play with prefer me, yet I still have 4 1/2 stars. If u ask me, the whole system needs to be terminated completely. I'm tired of having to constantly please people in order to have a good rep: It's stupid. That area of the gamercard should be replaced by something that's assoicated with ur gamerscore or the types of games u play, not if people like you or not. Who knows? Maybe someone from Xboxx will read this and consider it, becuase I'm clearly not the only one who's p.oed about this.