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Yeah. I could have made it for all 3, but I was too eager to game! I hope you enjoyed it :) I thought I was lost untill I figured out that the .PACKAGE and DBPF format of these package files are widely documented!! Many Regards
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I got news for you guys ! New language patch (that works) ! Fixed by me: new 1.8 language patch
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I played this game @ GamesCom 2012, and even if I tried vigorously to understand the interface it drived me NUTS !!! I really can't see why these RTS don't learn from previous mistakes. If your UI sucks, then it's a NO GO, if it feel like riding an alien spaceship when you just want to have fun with the gameplay, it's not working .. The UI that looks like a hexagonal-bee-nest makes your eyes hurt ! Why make a game psychedelic when you can go to a rave and get that feeling ? Hexagons are for paralyzing people !!!