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So the first LoS was like GoW...Now this one is looking like it'll be like Dynasty Warriors[size=5]more like DaNasty Warriors, amirite?[/size] unless the trailer isn't indicative of the gameplay at all.
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I'm really hoping Sypha and Grant will be the other 2 PCs.
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Good to see some news about Castlevania, even if LoS didn't hold my attention for long.
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So anyway, I've been looking at a few things to upgrade my PC lately, and today BOTH of them went on sale on newegg. They will probably get here early next week.

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Once I realized Dark Souls had a whip as one of the available weapons, I knew people would start doing stuff like this
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@Chang: Not quite. I've gotten to what I'm pretty sure is the boss fog gate in Anor Londo, now I just need to work up the courage to invide Yurt 2.0's world and get back at him for killing the firekeeper (not to mention fight the actual boss, which I hear is "that one boss" O_o)

Also, I don't seem to remember any panty shots in Cowboy Bebop (plenty of boobs though...)

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I got an e-mail today saying Newegg isn't receiving limited edition copies of Dark Souls because of some kind of error, so they voided my preorder. As a sorry we screwed up they sent a $20 promo code for use with any game.

"Well, I guess it's not too bad. The only thing I actually wanted was the soundtrack anyway, I guess I'll just order the standard edition with fast shipping"

>Although you've entered a valid promo code, your order does not meet the code's usage criteria