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New stuff

Well, would you look at that, more than a year since my last blog post. Members of the CUU probably already know this, but I'll post it anyway, because I want to.

Yesterday I bought a new 3DS at Walmart for $170 (yes,3 days before it officially drops in price). This means I got into the ambassador program without paying $250! I also picked up a copy of Zelda: OoT3D...the 3D is nice, but I still switch it off at times.

But probably the better news here is that I found a new job! it's a minimum wage job at a factory, but hey, it's still a job.

I slept through an earthquake

Yes, you read that right. I just slept though an earthquake last night. Though it was a fairly small one (only a magnitude 3.8 ). The simple fact that there was an earthquake is newsworthy, considering I LIVE IN ILLINOIS. To ne honest, I feel kinda depressed now that I wasn't able to experience it =/

Gonna be posting less for a while

A couple months ago I offered my help for setting up my mom's website(for a business) since she has been wanting to do that but not really had the time. Now she decided she's going to give me all the stuff I will need to do it soon. It's going to be a big website, so it may take quite a bit of time. I'll still play in the clock tower massacre over at the CUU, and I'll keep up with my ADOGU officer duties, so you don't need to worry about that, but I probably won't be posting much other stuff for a few weeks.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, but I'm getting paid to work on the site, and she said she'll probably need more of my help as the site grows. pretty nice considering I don't have a job right now

omg PSP~

Yeah I've wanted one for a while now....now I just need a game for it >_>

EDIT: I just ordered God of War: Chains of Olympus on Goozex. In about a week, my PSP will be gameless no more!

NEW ****ING COMPUTER (Updated)

Yeah, I probably should have made a blog about this a while ago, when I ordered the parts >_>

Anyway, for my birthday everyone chipped in (including me) so I could buy myself a decent computer just for me. here are the specs I remember for it:

  • 400Watt Power supply
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2.8 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • ATI HD4850 Video Card
  • Windows Vista 64-bit OS
  • 640GB Hard Drive

All this is fairly modest PC for gaming actually. It probably cant run most recent games on even medium settings, but then again I don't want most recent games ^_^

EDIT: After 3 days of tinkering, my computer is finally stable(DDR3 memory was giving me a hard time...) and connected to the internet. Also, I ended up using 64-bit Vista instead of XP.

holy crap everything is loading so fast...


I seem to have caught something - no, not a pokemon, a bug.

Symptoms include diarrhea, constant dizziness, nausea, and a jerkhole virus that likes waits until you're almost asleep to trigger the 1st symptom. Right now it's about 4AM and I've just about given up on sleep. at least it's most likely just food poisoning....and not as bad as when I got a stomach flu about a week before Christmas >_>

Luckily for you I still have the common sense not to go into as much detail as I could.

EDIT: I'm fine now

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