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probably yes but its not big deal for me

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never happens

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retail only

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ninja gaiden resident evil 4 doom 3 half life 2 GTA SA MGS 3 prince of pesia sand of time max payne max payne 2 halo CE GTA3 GTA vice city GT3 jack and daxter zelda WW resident evil remake resident evil zero halo 2 return to wolfstein sudeki fable PGR 2 rallisport challenge 2 jade empire the chronickles of ridick oddworld munch odyssey oddworld stranger

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NO i have both games on xbox 360 for me both are underrated and amazing games

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tales of xillia 2 tales of zestyria kindoms 2.5 for ps3 borderlands pre sequel ori and the blind forest and walkind dead season 2 for 360 i love both consoles iam not done with last gen consoles

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i cant wait for borderlands pre -sequel i buy xbox 360 version

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looks great i hope i get xbox onelater this year

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yes i cant wait for ps4 version i already playing last of us on ps3 on survivor diffucalty

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i like bothseries but i prefet jak and daxter