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i have two questions for ori first have retail release and second coming on xbox 360 iam so amazed for this game thanks have nice day

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i play bioshock 2 alan wake 3 space ops the line 4 codemned 2 5 bulletstorm 6 binary domain 7 enslaved 8 just cause 2 i like all of them

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in greece coming september 5 400 euros with fifa and forza too bad dont have enough money buy xbox one

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gamescon its far better on E3 for me next year coming to many awesome games

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the order 1886 uncharted 4 bloodborne batman AK the witcher 3 dead island 2 MGS5 dying light (silent hill final fantasy 15 miror edge 2 DOOM last guardian if those come next year ) homefront 2

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@harry_james_pot said:

Those are just words..

well Dragon Age is a cross gen game though

dragon age ingustion its next gen my friend not cross gen game no comparison for me i cant wait for ME4 but probably coming 2016

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ENJOYand for the games last of us remastered tomb raider infamous SS watch dogs