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i forget fallout 3 resistance 3 dark souls 2

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RDR GTA V GTA IV GT SA skyrim dark souls demons souls watch dogs(ps4) uncharted 2 uncharted 3 last of us AC2 AC AC3 batman AC batman AA god of war 3 tomb raider 2013 dead space1&3 resident evil 4 doom3 orange box ninja gaiden 1&2 far cry3 killzone 2 ni no kuni tales of vesperia xenoblade rayman legends rayman origin SMG1&2 DONKEY kong country return last story MGS4 alan wake halo 3 halo 4 halo reach mass effect series gears of war 1&2&3 deus ex human revolution infamous series yakuza 3 MGS3 metro last light metro 2033 splinte cell chaos theory conviction black list silent hill homecoming max payne 2&3 bioshock series borderlands 1&2 caslevania darksiders bayonetta

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the order 1886 uncharted4 AC UNITY dragon age 3 far cry 4 the witcher 3 batman AK tomb raider rise aliens isolation sunset overdrive zelda wii-u ori and the blind forest bloodborne forza horizon 2

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infamous series

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i cant wait fot tales of xillia 2 for the moment zestiria looks promising but coming next year

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xenoblade on wii its masterpiece but xenoblade on wii-u graphically its PS2.5 game and i dont see info for the story only hack n slash mech game

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Thank you Naughty GODS

same here thanks naughty dog and PS4

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uncharted 4

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looks gorgeous i cant wait

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UNCHARTED 4 the order 1886 the witcher 3 tomb raider rise dragon age 3 far cry 4 batman AK