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    Wait, so they are making it more like the PS4 controller? Kinda smart actually. I gotta give Microsoft an "A" for effort this year so far. They seem to be at least trying to make their product more w...

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    This is a piece of superlative, meaningful, and pointedly relevant journalism. Our generation is the first to understand or even care about this type of art preservation so, i believe, it will be up ...

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    Hey Gamespot---- whats the plan?

    Recently Gamespot laid off a number of long time employees. It was a shake up that i surely didnt see coming and was sad to see. Yet, it was another, muted change that seems to have affected the websi...

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    Friggin silly lefties. You guys drive me insane.I will tell you that this measuring system has been proven inaccurate. Its an old test with questions that are vague and misleading. So there is hope th...

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    I just want to say that i will miss Caro and Tom, Ryan and Benito......geez....im going to miss them all. This website may be a big name but the people who work(ed) here were accessible and down to E...

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    Always admired your ability to sneak in an "F" word without it ever seeming vulgar or gratuitous. Welcome to Gamespot Lisa!
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    Am i missing it or has Gamespot not reviewed the new Amazing Spiderman game? It seems like an awfully big release to ignore.
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    User Rating 4
    Gone Home is no place I'm hanging my hat.

    Some spoilers though out I finally got to experience this game..... Its was so much less than ive been told to expect. Its an 8th grade fairy tale love story that has been in a 1000 movies, books, a...

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    Happy Turkey Day to everyone. Can shaped cranberry sauce rules.