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[QUOTE="bbtcbbtc"]a lot of people including me want a new star fox game. but nintendo hasn't really talked about it at all. there probably will be one, but not for a while im guessingdark_crysis_202
that sucks. star fox assault was a great game! now they wont even make a new one! they should make one and fast.....yes yes i know, im impatient

Ya hes right ther probaly won't be one for a while but i actuly liked the first star fox beter then assault

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Ya it maskes kind of a wierd sound . Mine does it too its probaly normal. Don't worry its just the lazer reading the game.
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I doubt it but i wish! I have most of those series but sometimes i just don't have the time for them. SO probaly not.
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Im getting that game too i hear its sweet. I like soccer alot and i have fifa 08 so ill be getting pro evolution soon.
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Go to used ottawa you can fing one ther for a good price. Wal-mart probaly might not have one.
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Super Mario Galaxy. I hate it. It feels like a chore to play.meetuatdepub

I love maroi galaxy anyways soul calibur is one of the games i regreted buying its not fun. Its boaring and bad graphics.

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I wish there would be fifa street 3 for wii. Ive always been a soccer fan.
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Its complicated but you go to the main setup at the wii menu then youll find it from there good luck!!
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Id have to say brawl all the way. Its insanly fun and cool. I love the idea and evreything about it i love it i love it.
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I feel kind of good because it builds my confidence up. :)MyNamIzDavid

Same here i do to but it might be kinda ockward sometimes.