Played this game for like one day the overall impression is this is a fun game.

User Rating: 8 | Prison Break: The Conspiracy PC
Game consits in 9 easy playable chapters where most of the times you are playing in stealth like mode avoiding cops & other prison personell to be able to complete the mission.

There isn't much more then that except for the underground fighting you can participate to win money fighting various other prisoners one stronger then the other , or getting various tatooes on various parts of your body.

There is no gun fights or shootings there is little interaction with the prison personell at all. Overall this is a very short game, where most of the times you are looking for tunnels and pipes to avoid eye to eye contact with guards.

Fun game tho it doesnt have the highest graphics engines available today I would say it diserves few hours playing the plot. Few hours is what you need anyway. And that is for non-gamers