The series' reputation got stained because of an extremely boring game. Very disappointing.

User Rating: 1 | Prison Break: The Conspiracy PC
Upon learning about this video game being developed and about to be released, I was so excited. I loved the series before. It's unforgettable story of conspiracy and betrayal will definitely grow on you every time you watch.
But the game was very bad. The graphics are stupid, horrible voice acting(although the characters were voiced by the original actors who portrayed them, except for Sarah Tancredi), boring gameplay which is filled with stealth missions. Every time you were given a mission, you were asked to get this and get that here and there, be careful not to be seen, blahblahblah. It's too repetitive.
If i were you, don't buy this game. If you love the series or if you haven't watched the series before, just buy the DVD and watch the whole thing. You'll love it. Just stay away from this game.