Completely and utterly dull, broken and boring TV show adaptation, which is nothing you was wishing it to be.

User Rating: 3 | Prison Break: The Conspiracy PC
Prison break:Conspiracy is just another example to confirm the rule that ALL games based on TV shows suck, especially the ones from companys you've never heard about.
At the exact moment game starts you can feel the failure that's coming - Game is based on the 1st season and it just retells it's storyline, doesn't bring anything new whatsoever except for a fact that you're playing some secret company's agent infiltrated to make sure borrows gets executed, instead of scofield...
Storyline is so dull and boring that you want to skip all the movies right from the beginning.
Another big fail is graphics (even tho i'm no graphics freak, they just utterly suck)
and animations, NPC's movement looks like it's been borrowed straight from 2002 . You also can see only half of you controlled character with no option to zoom in or out, which makes it difficult to see your surroundings and most importantly it looks and feels just ... wrong...
The gameplay is as bad as you'd expect, stealth system is utterly broken and stupid. Instead of Advancing through scofields prison escape master plan of 1st season, you just run around prison climbing trough lift shafts, boiler rooms, rooftops and so on. The AI is totally dumb, it looks like if guards always know where you are (always points flashlight in exact spot where you are hiding) but they just don't care as long as you don't run in to them or straight before them.
There's no way of knocking or disabling a guard - he see's you, you gotta restart from checkpoint (And it seems like they were just added randomly, cause most of the time you gotta repeat half of section if you fail...) the same goes to janitors, doctors or other prisoners - anyone see's you sneaking, you're done. From all thing's that you've wanted to be in prison breaks game, there's only lockpicking and vents unscrewing (both of which are repetitive and dull) while not doing that you are just climbing somewhere to get some prisoner his item back, cause you just cant say NO. literally.
Besides crappy stealth and platforming, there's fighting - which also suck badly, you have light punch, hard punch, block and ... that's it. Combat's broken, dull and repetitive. As is all quick time events related to it and other things, QTE are just annoying as most of them you gotta repeat a few times because you just can't see what game wants you to press and if you gotta press it multiple times or just one.
So, yes, PB:Conspiracy is as bad as you'd expect maybe even worse and i highly recommend not buying it, because you won't find there, what you was hoping for to be in PB game.