A decent action game, but it's too hard for anyone who's not a hardcore gamer

User Rating: 7 | Prinny: Ore ga Shujinkou de Iinsuka? PSP
I bought this game after hearing great things about it, and it's FREAKIN' HARD! I was stunned by how chalenging the bosses where, the platforming sections are extreamly difficult, there are enamies EVERYWHERE, and you can only take 3 hits and your dead.
Now I know you have 1000 lives, but you will die again, and again, again, and replaying the same section of the level, and trying to reach the next checkpoint can wear thin after a while. Also another thing, when you die during a boss fight, and your charecter resawns, YOU HAVE TO START THE BOSS FIGHT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Also there is one little thing with the controles, if you press the jump button, you can't move untill you reach the ground again, you have to be moving, THEN press the jump button to jup left or right, this can be very anoying in some of the more difficult platforming sections.
Now let's put a stop to the complaining for just a second, this is not a terribal game! I have some problems with it, but that dosen't mean I diddn't enjoy the funny story, halarious dialog, great graphics, The (almost) perfect controles, and more.
It's just that my experience with this game was hindered due to it's high diffculty level, maybey your's will be diffrent.