Don't get me wrong it's a good game but if you have NHL 09 don't waste the 70$(CAD)

User Rating: 2 | NHL 10 PS3
Well the price going up 70$(cad) really sucks especially a game that is full of bugs. The gameplay changed a bit but not a huge diff between 08 - 09. If you have 09 don't buy it unless u are a hardcare online person then maybe you will have to buy it to keep up. But other than that 09 is still a good game and save yourself the 70$ Or look into 2K10 for a different type of hockey game which got bad reviews but still a good game. NHL 10 just marketed the game properly and too many EA fans to put 2K10 down. Ignore the reviews and Just try 2K10 by adjusting the gameplay sliders which will be just as fun as NHL10.

Passing is too hard in NHL10 the game pace is slower which makes it more of a sim but EA is trying to hard which makes the game awkward. The game play is still repetitive and not like 2K which there are more variety of goals in a game.

I will wait for year next EA.