FANTASTIC RACING GAME... If you like F-1 this game is a must have. If you're just in to racing this is a must have too!

Folks, this game has been underrated here... the scores are not fair! I've been running the F-1 Game since early Jan. I purchased the Japanese version and thought this game was fantastic. Just got my US game this Am and it's even better... cause now I have all English menus... LOL!

OK... let's talk about the game:

GRAPHICS- are second to none compared to any racing game on any console and/or computer game. I have GT4 on PS3 ...Sucks! I also run GTR2/GT Legends at 1920 resolution and this game is more impressive...and I love GTR2. Frame rates at 720p/1080i (my 24"dell monitor does not support 1080p) are excellent! Never seen a drop/pause. Not played online yet. One guy mentioned the early morning Sun… this is true to life for F-1… Friday morning practice is Am and Sun is always a factor if weather is clear. I think the sun affect is AWESOME!

SOUND-Perfect... the engines are awesome sounding and the gear shifting is Great also. I like the commentator’s comments, sure I guess in time it may be a little redundant, but what game does not become a little redundant. I hate playing music while racing and hearing the same songs over and over... but you can play music in the game as well. No comment on in game music... I turn off so I don't know.

GAMEPLAY- AWESOME... set game w/no damage, use race line on track and practice in time trail against your own ghost until you get the hang of the game. I use a Logitech wheel... DF Pro... I recommend this wheel for this game. response is spot on! You can choose any real racer like Michael... or even Scott Speed the US F-1 driver... and as you complete races/levels/set records in time trails you unlock tracks vintage cars. You can do a complete difficult career where you have to be accepted by your team... or just do a Championship career and race each track. You can also select any track right off and race a weekend... with full Friday morning qualifying, earn the pole or not and race a full timed event. Replayability for any racer/hard core sim fan will not be disappointed in my humble opinion.

Sure no Force Feedback and many will fault the game here… but remember PS3/Sony did this to us race fans… claiming this is old generation technology and they went with new technology the Sixaxis….crap! Why remove proven technology… that people liked and wanted… with new technology! I say leave what works and add new technology… we should have received both for the price a PS3 cost… but that’s another story.

This game is PS3 elite racer… makes Ridge Racer a joke IMHO and for old time games like GT4…. Which I have… there is no comparison in my book. If you like F-1 Racing…. This is a must have game. If you’re a racing fan gamer this is also a must have game. You can make the game as hard as you like are as easy… just give it a little time to adjust to the accelerated response when turning the wheels… cause in F-1 this is how these cars respond. Razor Sharpe handling! Best PS3 game on the Market… !

Hope this review helps you decide… or at least rent it and try it!
RKip A Perfect 10 for me...