This game is non-realated as the first one so this game was worth dubious as last year.

User Rating: 4.6 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
Play: It it really dubious as rage racers on PlayStation but not cool as Ridge racer type4 so i borrowed it at my neigbours house it really was so lack of oppressions.

Graphics: It's the same as NFSUR on PSP but the car graphics are more solid as Midnight club3 but no real damage? It was seem to be fair but i like police chases but i wish they have it.

Sound: Real dubious indeed i just hate the music tracks and EA has unpopular sounds of nitrous and cars roaring engines.

ValueL Doesn't bring much at all, it's almost easy i clocked it for 17 hours so it was simple.

Overall: This game overall dubious in my award account.