Yet another game based on the show everybody loves...or at least used to love. But is this one any good?

The Simpsons, everbody knows them, eveybody likes them. Wheter or not they're still as popular and funny can be debated. I quit watching the show several seasons ago, I think around season 10, 11 or something like that. After seeing the Simpsons Movie, I decided to check out the game. We all know that Simpsons games suck, wit the exception of Hit & Run, I really liked that one. And while this game is not as good as Hit & Run, it's still worth a purchase. Especially since you can get it ridicilously cheap.

The game can be summed up in one word: "funny". It's funny, though it does seem to think it's a bit more clever than it actually is. Regardless, I laughed on several occasions. So that's all good and well, but is it actually fun to play? For the most part, yes, it is. It's pretty standard stuff, platform jumping, small puzzles and boss battles. It does make fun of itself for having these clichés, I guess as sort of an excuse. Playing as Homer, Bart and Lisa is fun, playing as Marge, not so much. My favorite parts were some of the boss battles, which are quite good.

The graphics are awesome, the cel-shading stuff works and looks great. Voice acting, well, it's the same guys and gals from the show. So you know it's great.

The game is very short, and there's not much reason to come back, though you can unlock a bunch of stuff. Anyway, if you like the Simpsons, and a good laugh, you should consider getting this. Especially since you can get it very cheap.