ok EA... why? just tell me... why?

User Rating: 4 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted DS
Yes folks, this game is most wanted... for its bland graphics and ugly programming.
Ok. I not going into to many technical details but this game to compared to NFSU2? No. Just , No. I dont want to hear it. Why is this game run at a 30 FPS frame rate barely no texture on awful models cars (I seen better car models out of my happy meal) and whats with the computer control cars? Do I have to really slow my car down just to have fun with the cops? But i do give you credit for the wonderful AI they have, The programmed it in a way that the computers seem to struggle as much as we are with the controls. amazing. just amazing.
allright... allright... thats enough of this the only point i have is this:

Why EA? Why? WHy did you slap the pocketeers in the face? That right you heard me! After they made a great game like NFSU 2 (60 fps car models with textures and lighting and yes you can feel the speed quite nicely) Why did you let a company like "Sensory Sweep" do this game? Yeah they made tiger woods, yeah they made marvel nemesis which was god awful The only godd was the graphics so why they had a problem doing cars? But even this game is a huge huge dowgrade form NFSU 2. Honestly not letting the pocketeers make this game was a bad move an a insult to us DS players. I understand there busy and may not have the time but it would be worth the wait and i know they were looking foward to making this game. This game could have been way better than NFSU2.
Shame on you EA. Shame on you.

4.0 If you have the need for speed, get NFSU 2.