It's almost there....

Its got action,blood and the visuals to make the perfect game.Its the much awaited sequel to far cry instincts and the most anticipated feature it had was the map editor.You have the ability to craft and structure a world of your own out of a blank canvas,there are thousands of objects, houses and bridges to chose from.It is like forge on Halo3 but the freedom to edit and create your own landscape has been focused on in this game instead of just the ability to edit objects.The plot of the game is pretty simple,you have been sent to Africa to take out the Jackal,a powerful arms dealer who is fuelling both sides of the war with weapons.I think that there are some parts of the story that let the game down such as the fact that you have to travel from one end of the map to another constantly,it's like a never ending scavenger hunt but across a 50k landscape in the heart of Africa.Another let down is the malaria,when the game begins you suddenly develop a case of malaria and from that point on you are forced to take tablets every 40-50 minutes real time to keep the malaria from killing you.But what happens when you run out of medication!??well its yet another journey across Africa but this time your not hunting down the Jackal,your hunting down some malaria pills!!Multiplayer on far cry 2 is great there are four game modes, uprising which is similar to domination,deathmatch,team deathmatch and capture the diamond which is basically capture the flag.There are not many choices of game modes but the gamplay and the thousands of maps you can play and download make that a barely noticeable matter.
So overall Far Cry 2 is an excellent game that will take you months to get bored of and it is a must buy!!