He's on fire!

User Rating: 9 | NBA Jam SNES
This is my all time favourite basketball game. I don't really like basketball, but tis is just a great videogame. It's the most fun to play against a friend. You each pick a team. A team is made up out of two guys from, yes indeed, the NBA. I don't know any of them and Michael Jordan is not in the game because of licensing-stuff, but they are all nicely digitalized characters and they move fluently on nintendo's funmachine. You play in basketball stadions and it looks and sounds really nice, giving you the feel of what it must be like in the NBA. When you live in the US you can probably judge better then i can. What makes it a great basketball game is the fact that it doesn't try to be a basketbalsimulator. You play two on two, you pass, you shoot, you steel and you have these outrageous slamming and dunking moves, it's completely over the top, brilliant!
I cannot understand i am only the fifth person to write a review on this game, it is way better then that crap van EA. If you like to play videogames against a friend on a couch, this is one of the best games you can get. They should release it on the wii's virtual console.