It's on fire

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Jam SNES
Who can forget those classic words. With the coming of the new generations, i thinks its time we take a look back at classic games that have paved the way for newer games such as "NBA Street, NBA Street 2" etc. NBA Jam is one of the best sports games to be released on any console. The game play is solid and never really gets boring, if the game feels repetitive then switch it up and play a friend, or you can play the CPU and beat my record of 128 to 34, if you are looking for a challange try dunking about 20 times in a row so you break the glass, it add fn and excitment to the game, so weither your layin' the smackdown on a friend or whooping the computer in this classic 2-on-2 show down, the commentary never gets old or repetitive, i will still be popping this game in 10 years from now, maybe you should consider doing the same thing...