This game holds a special place in my childhood for me!

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Jam GEN
I first experienced this game from my cousins Keisha, Glenn, Roy, and David as a child. I think it was 13 years ago. My cousin Darius also played NBA Jam. Yeah, and me, Keisha, Glenn, Roy, and David would play this for a long time because everybody at their house loved playing basketball in real life! Well, 1 year later, I go on my vacation to the beach like our family always does. Then when my family and I settled down, my mom took me to the Activity Room to get a snack from the vending machine, and I see a lot of people gathered around the television and there I see a video game tournament going on with everybody playing NBA Jam for the Sega Genesis! I asked my mom if I could play, and she said that it was all right. I was only 5 years old and all the other contestants were teenagers! So, everybody refusing to play me because they thought I was "too little" and that it would not be any fun to play against somebody who does not even know how to play.

Story: N/A
- There is no storyline because it is only basketball.

Gameplay: 9/10
- The gameplay is the bomb! I loved it! NBA Jam features 2-on-2 basketball games. A key feature of NBA Jam was the exaggerated nature of the play; players jumped many times above their own height, making slam dunks that defied both human capabilities and the laws of physics. There were no fouls, free throws, or violations except goal tending. This meant the player was able to freely push his opponent out of the way. Additionally, the game had an "on fire" feature, where if one player made three baskets in a row, he would become "on fire" and have unlimited turbo, no goal tending, and increased shooting ability, until the other team scored (or the player had scored four consecutive points while "on fire").

Graphics: 8/10
- The graphics are all right but, the Super Nintendo version looks better. I am only talking about NBA Jam T.E. for Super Nintendo, because I do not have the exact Super Nintendo counterpart for this game. Why does every black player look alike, and why does every white player look alike? It might be because of the system's memory capacity or something?

Sound: 8/10
- The sound effects of the game I like is basically all the famous things the commentator says. You know, things like "he's on fire" and such. I still remember the sounds of players getting pushed in the game. They all sounded like they were gagging whenever you pushed them, it was so funny! Their are a lot of funny sound effects in the game that would make a child laugh. I also still remember all the music that was in the game! All this probably might be, because I still remember that tournament as a kid!

Overall, I give this game an 8 1/2 out of 10. This is one of the best basketball games I got! So continuing with the story I was telling before, after all the whining and crap about letting me play because I was a little kid, one of the teenagers finally plays me. He kept telling everybody that he was going to go easy on me. I laughed on the inside when he said that! So we start and, as soon as the game began, I steal the ball from the guy by pushing him and dunked it. His whole attitude changed about me! Everybody was shocked in the room, but my mom. I had all these skills already because my cousins had already taught me from before. So after they saw how good I was, everybody wanted a piece of me and the guy I was playing first, told me that he was getting serious then, I laughed on the inside at that too. I beat him badly and, he just could not believe how a little kid could beat him! So everybody challenges me and guess what? I beat everybody! At first, I thought I remembered myself losing to the very last contestant, but since the whole tournament was recorded by my mom, I looked at that tape again and, I did in fact beat everybody. The prize was either a T-Shirt with my vacation's logo up there or some doughnuts. My mom chose the T-Shirt for me because she knew I hated doughnuts, but I love them now though! Yeah, those were the "good old days" indeed!