User Rating: 10 | NBA Jam GEN
This, along with Mortal Kombat, is probably the first game I remember where kids were trading codes on the school bus. It was before you could just print them off the internet and getting a new code was about the coolest thing possible. You couldn't wait to get home and try the code and everyone would wait in anticipation to see if it worked. Besides being a elementary school yard cultural phenomenon, it was also just a great game.

For its time, the graphics were awesome. The announcer was something that hadn't really been heard before and his phrases became a language of their own. The dunks were captivating and the blocks were explosive. The fun and excitement of the game resulted in some of the most intense and competitive video game battles I've ever been in. My controller probably got more airtime from this game than any other (I had some anger issues as a child).

All in all, this is a great game. It had great graphics, great sound, and amazing gameplay. It was innovative and impacted a whole generation of gamers.