Fun But Flawed....

User Rating: 7.5 | NBA 2K8 X360
NBA 2K8 is one of the better basketball sims to come along in a long time, but it's not without some issues. First off, it is waaaayyy better than last year's version. The graphics are great and the player animations are incredible - the superstars actually move and act like their real-life counterparts. Playing online is usually fun but there are a few exploits that are worth mentioning. First of all, the lock-on D feature begins to feel very cheap after the first half-dozen times you see a 7-footer effectively shut-down a nimble guard like, say, Chris Paul. Also, good perimeter defense doesn't affect shooters as much as it should. You'll often find that online opponents who have taken the time to perfect the release-point on their jump shots can pretty much hit almost ANY shot with ANY player, regardless of how tightly they are defended. Unfortunately, many of the other aspects of the game seem completely arbitrary: star players will inexplicably miss easy layups while routine bench-warmers will go on unconscious hot-streaks. Overall, NBA 2K8 never quite accomplishes the feel of a real NBA game but is still the best Hoops game out there!