Great game, that won't let you down!

User Rating: 9.1 | MVP Baseball 2005 PC
I have and will always be a fan of sports games. The years of Triple Play and earlier were always arcadish, which is nice sometimes, but can get very repetitive. Luckily this years MVP, like last years, is just about perfect. The gameplay is fun and is can be very hard to win games, if you don't have a good team. I like it like that, but if you don't, than you can lower the difficulty and make it better for you. I like the pitching this years as it is harder for you to get a perfect pitch, but it is still easy to get the pitch close. The batting has been improved this years with the new hitter's eye and the increase of walks in the game, giving the game a more realistic feel to it. With the game-play you can do exhibition, dynasty mode, and the new owner mode. At first I was excited about the owner mode because you could set prices, build a stadium, and try to make money. It sound nice but it seems very hard to make money especially if you build a new stadium, which looks like minor league stadiums, and run a high budget team. I went as a team with a high budget and built a new stadium. I played one season with them and was down 5 million.(that was after I raised ticket prices really high. I would have had to trade, or let some of my players go, which I didn't like to much. I guess you can make money eventually, but it will take some seasons to do that. Something I really don't want to do. I am now trying as a lower budget team, to see if that will work. The graphics are pretty good, but EA doesn't seem to let you make the graphics the better. The graphics from last years MVP game look better than this years, which is saying something because they should be better this year. Something I do like that they added are the foul ball animations, as they look realistic. I would have like to see the sound better, as the sound seems like the same from last year also, so it can be boring and repetitive. This game will last you for awhile and even longer if you like to unlock things. Don't worry if you are not hooked right away with this game. I was very worried that I would not enjoy the game after a few minutes of playing it, but after an hour I didn't want to stop. If you are to get any game and especially if you a like realistic baseball game, I highly recommend this game. Even if you like arcadish baseball games get it because you can make the game very easy if you want it to be.