Probably the greatest disappointment ever. Average score this game gets is a fascinating enigma.

Rated it with an 1 just because 0 is non existent as an option. Not that all aspects of this game are disastrous, but a mere presence of a disastrous aspect (more than one in case of Skyrim) makes overall impression equally disastrous. Let me begin with the good sides. Music and sound are very good, composers really did some nice work, hoping in vain that they are taking a part in some great project. They even managed to look creative and original. Main theme "Dragonborn" and the one in Sovngarde are fine pieces of music, as is the most of the score. Concept artists made some impressive feats also, design of Skyrim, items, buildings, cities etc. shine with creativity and amount of effort. But, that is about everything that is good about Skyrim. Storyline is, simply put, intelligence-insulting. Everything is made of predictable cliches and ripoffs. There is no likable character in the story, everything is soulless, dull, and looks like 99% of the effort was put into design of the vast body of world, that unfortunately will never get its soul. Thus the outcome looks like great base for something completely destroyed and/or unfinished. The once again voiceless protagonist is equally idiotic, made to repeatedly ask stupid questions about matter already clear, and the dialogue choices are not choices at all, because they never affect the outcome of the dialogue. I think that script writers should carefully examine Assassins Creed protagonist E. Auditore and use it as a tutorial on making living, believable and likable characters instead of brainless zombies. No traces of humor or memorable lines (which is constant problem with Bethesda scripts). Voice acting varies from good (Esbern- Max Von Sydow) to really bad. End of game (if you can call it the end at all) is disappointing, and makes no change to gameplay if you, by some grim chance, continue to play it after the main quest. If you really want to play this game, stick to the main quest and finish it as fast as you can, because more time you invest in this game, greater the disappointment will be in the end. Skyrim is like a football team made of 2 stars and 9 legless players. Or, expressed in numbers;
Concept art - 8
Soundtrack - 7.5
Storyline/sript - 0
Graphics - 6
AI - 0
Voice acting - 5.5
Gameplay/combat - 2
Overall - 0, because you still need whatever engine to make that nice looking car move.