Metroid : Other M isn't a bad game at all; it just fails to live up to the standard other game in its series set.

User Rating: 7 | Metroid: Other M WII
Metroid: Other M is a game many people have forgotten about; either because they are casual Wii owners who just don't remember it possibly because of how unremarkable it is, or because they are hardcore Metroid fans who despised the game (many hate it for the wrong reasons), and blocked it out of their memory like a horrible tragedy that has given them PTS. Other M is an okay Metroid game. It's the type of game you'll play, but forget about in a while because of how middle-of-the-road it was; especially for such a pedigree franchise.

Game play: 7. Other M plays kind of like what you might expect the older Metroid's of the early 90's and late 80's would play like if they had had 3D graphics. You explore the area trying to find whatever your mission is. Along the way you have to solve some puzzles, explore hidden areas, and fight a lot of different enemies. Anyone who has played one of these games before knows what to expect. One interesting new aspect is the first-person-shooting of Prime being around as a smaller role. When you point the Wii remote at the TV screen, the games goes into a first-person perspective much like that of the Prime games. Unfortunately, Samus cannot move while in this mode.

The controls are not nearly as good as they were in the Prime games. One reason for this being the use of the D-pad to navigate in a 3D environment. Now, normally, D-pad usage in a game isn't a problem, but, in Other M, Samus can't move diagonally. This takes some getting used to.
Not being able to move during the first-person mode is a big inconvenience.
The dodge function compensates for the control flaws though.
Other than those gripes, the game controls pretty okay, and none of the flaws are really game breaking.

Another thing Other M lacks is the exploration that the first two Primes had. The game is quite linear, which isn't something all that great to have in a Metroid game.

Presentation: 8. The graphics are pretty good. While they look dated at times, it's still a fine looking game. The music adds a lot of fear to the game, which is great.

I thought the story was pretty good as well. It doesn't really go into the Prime games, but into Samus Aron's past games and her history. A lot of core Metroid fans berated this game for turning Samus into a "whiny brat", and that it ruined the bad ass image that she had as silent and hardened bounty hunter. I don't think that is fair criticism because what do these people expect? For Samus to have been born a silent bounty hunter? It's called character development. It only makes sense that Samus Aron wasn't always a tough bounty hunter that she was in the other games.

Value: 6. This game should take you about twelve to fifteen hours to complete. I wouldn't say there is a lot of replay value to it. After you beat the game, you could try exploring the entire ship and getting all the gallery stuff, but that's about it.

Has a more classic Metroid feel to it
Get to see a lot of Samus's past
Somewhat awkward controls

Metroid: Other M is a decent game and an okay Metroid. It's not a game you're going to fall in love with like so many did for other entries into this franchise, but if you're a Metroid fan-and you're not going to let the changes in Samus's character turn you off-this is a good game to get. If you have never been all that partial to these games, I would stay away from this one as it is middle-of-the-pack and nothing you will look back fondly of with nostalgia.