A great game with a very steep learning curve

1. Gameplay - The game itself isn't all that bad. However, the amount of time that one has to spend to understand the workings of the game is huge. A successor to the Anno series, Dawn of Discovery starts off with you as a settler. It allows you to set up your colony in an island and provides you with a ship with which to do business. As time passes by, you can build more economic trade ships to boost your economy or you can amass a naval fleet with which to crush your opposition. In either cases you need to flourish your economy and at the same time keep your citizens happy by providing them with the increasing demands as and when they increase their standard of living. You have to support the populace with new food variety, clothing, architecture and entertainment. If you do not possess their requirement on your chosen island then you need to import that from other players so as to sustain your island's economy and reputation. And midst all this you'll be frequently raided by Pirates unless you pay them off or destroy their coven. All in all, the quite complex economy system takes some time to understand but once you get a hang of it, the game is as good as it gets.

2. Graphics - A pretty decent graphics allows you to enjoy the game. The details in the water is worth mentioning, although the terrain graphics is comparable to any other game.

3. Music and Sound - Music and Sound Effects have always been a strong point for the Anno series and this game is no exception.

All in all, a decent game, but once you get over the learning curve, it will be one of the best you;ll ever play