For those of us who have waited over a decade for Max's return, we can finally relax

User Rating: 8.5 | Max Payne 3 PC
The game is well made, I played through the entire campaign without a single hiccup, crash or bug. The campaign is a little short, but its also the kind of game where you can't drag the story on forever. It's like trying to have a 20 hour action movie. In that respect, I feel the length of the game was good, it keeps your attention and stays interesting enough through-out. It's never cheesy, the dialogue is good, animations quite amazing at times.

I've only played about an hour of multiplayer and to me it does not feel like anything really special. Playing a 3rd person game is fine when playing a single player campaign, to me it just feels like GTA with tiny maps and zero vehicles. Honestly, I would not buy this game for the online component if you have played a lot of other online games. The big selling point is using slow mo in multiplayer, but unfortunately in my experience, nobody uses the shootdodge moves because it just makes you a big ass target.

Max Payne is a game that did not really need a multiplayer component, but at the same time this allows them to get away with a shorter campaign by adding this content. Supposedly there will be cooperative DLC in the summer and I look forward to trying that out with my friends, I will also be replaying the campaign in arcade mode, etc and look forward to that.