Strayed way too far from the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2. Fell horribly short on game play and story telling

User Rating: 5 | Max Payne 3 PC
I'm a long time fan of MP and MP2 and was so excited for MP3. Got a kick ass gaming rig not too long ago and after reading all the hype was really looking forward to it. However after playing the game I found it to be an overall very disappointing experience.

As for the graphics I thought it looked amazing. I'm a big time DX-11 fan and I thought they did a great job with that, especially on the character models. Great textures, level designs and everything.

Loved how they used the same voice actor for Max, loved how they aged him appropriately, thought all that was a great touch. Love how he's still Max and still miserable. I did not like how they told the story. I missed that old school detective story film noir style they had in the first two. What happened to the story boards?? It just killed it for me :(

What I disliked most of all was the game play. The first two were smooth, fast reaction, bullet time when I pressed the button, then its over. Heal up as I need and just carry on. Max Payne 3 uses this awful cover system that I have to hit a key for, last man standing feature that kicks in on it's own and uses my health whether I want to or not where I end up on the floor and in slow motion on everything that it hinders my game play.

I found myself pressing reload and nothing happening fast enough. I would crouch but if I wanted to stand up again I had to hit crouch again THEN hit my sprint button (which by the way feels like it does nothing at all). Scrolling through weapons was another drag. The game gives you like a 2 second window to pick a weapon and then the option closes and if you scroll to dual weapons, if you sit there for 1 of the 2 seconds it automatically selects that and then drops your rifle lol. Yet only the dual works that way, the other weapons if you sit there nothing happens unless you left click your mouse to select. Again, just stupid and beyond annoying

All in all I found the game play mechanics very clumsy and not smooth at all. I had to lower the sensitivity to control the aiming but then had to speed it up to move around decently. Just awful contrast in mouse control for aiming vs moving around.

Sorry but this game did not live up to it's two predecessors. Not by a long shot (they should have let Remedy do it again) - - No offense but you Rock Star people need to stick to GTA, it's what you do best