Another great cross over fighting game.Technical,smooth controls,nicely presented.

User Rating: 9 | Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter ARC
This game is similar to X-Men vs Street Fighter,except it has Marvel characters from outside the X-Men universe and the AI isn't as tough as it is in X-Men vs Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom and I think that's a good thing because the difficulty level for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter has the right amount of difficulty.The super combos are easy to execute too,which is good.

If you've played X-Men vs Street Fighter or Marvel vs Capcom,you can expect a similar experience with this game,but if you haven't,I will give a quick explaination of how this game works.

You select a pair of characters and you can use them tag team style.You can even select 1 Street Fighter character and 1 X-Men character if you want.When you replace a character mid battle with their tag team partner,the health of the character you swapped out will slowly regenerate.You can perform super combos by pressing either one or two buttons and using a simple joystick movement(I haven't played this game in a long time so I can't remember)and super combos remove a large chunk of your opponent's health and can be a good way to punish opponents who you catch off guard.

Ryu can do a powerful super hadoken as a super combo,which is like an energy wave that can hit an opponent multiple times from far away if you catch them off guard with it.Ken's shoryuken has good reach and and can be done an unlimited number of times,but his super combos require him to be a little bit close to his opponent which means he can't catch his opponent off guard with a super combo from a far distance like Ryu can.

Wolverine can slash opponents with his claws with extremely fast slashes.Hulk's size and strength means each successful blow he lands does alot of damage but he lacks speed and agility.Chun-Li has speed and agility but lacks technical power.Spider-Man likes to attack through the air and from awkward angles.Zangief is big and powerful and can still grab hold of you and pile-drive you.

The presentation for this game is colorful,and the artstyle is nice.The backgrounds are colorful.And there's a new powerful boss ready for you and you will be shocked to see who/what the boss is.

The game is fun,it has smooth controls,it's a very technical fighting game and nicely presented.