This game is a very fun game, highly addictive!!!!!

User Rating: 8.8 | Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter ARC
I played this game and I was really impresed by it.

Gameplay: If you played a fighting game before then you will probaly know what to expect from this game. You choose two characters at the start and like other games (for example X-men vs. street fighter) you go on a 7 fighting series which is really fun. altought the last level difficulty is really hard, it is still a blast playing this game. I just wish that it will be longer.

Graphics: The graphics here are actually very impresive. The backround looks awsome, the combanition moves are beautiful and the chapters and animation are unbelivible.

Sound: The sound in this game will be very familier for does who played games like x-men vs. street fighter. Every time you change a character, then the music changes. Overall, the music is nice and the sound effects are awsome.

Value: You can play for hours and hours trying to be the best in the game. Altought the storyline isn't that long, the last level is really hard and it is still a blast playing this game.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall this is one of the best fighting game you will find in the arcade and you should definitely want to go and try this one out.